Netflix launches the SuperLike function: here’s how it works

After having launched the nice section that suggests contents not too long to watch, Netflix continues the launch of features that help the user to easily choose what to watch in the immense schedule of the great N.
Netflix launches the SuperLike function: here's how it works

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about Netflix for its involvement in gaming, having bought its third video game studio (Boss Fight Entertainment, the second in March 2022): the Californian streaming platform, however, is always focused on offering content in form of films and TV series, self-produced or from third parties, to enjoy which it makes available to users more and more functions, as just happened with the SuperLike.

In 2020, Netflix launched the Top 10 carousel, which gave a good idea of ​​what users were watching the most at any given time. In 2021 it was the turn of the “Play something” function and, last February, it made available to everyone, in the web based and mobile version, the function that allows you to manually remove shows or films from the “Keep watching” section.

Netflix, however, is aware that, offering so many entertainment opportunities, it can be difficult to make a choice: until 2017, to help users there was a 5-star rating system, which refined a lot, based on the feedback received. , tips for users. Then came the system with the like and dislike which, however, expresses a limited range of preferences, dislike or sympathy, towards a content. Complying with the requests of users, and wanting to make Netflix a place where it is “easier to choose something to watch”, the current evaluation system has been modified by introducing the new Two Thumbs Up button, a sort of SuperLike.

To find it, having been made available to users in the web based and mobile version, for Android and iOS of Netflix, simply look for the icon with two thumbs above each other, placed after the button with the thumb down and the one with the thumb up, located at the bottom of each content being reproduced. By touching or clicking it, it will be expressed that that given content is particularly liked, so that, for example, having expressed this preference towards Bridgerton, you will perhaps get more suggestions (eg. Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice) from the same production company, the ShondaLand.

In the same press release with which the launch of the new SuperLike-style function was announced, the director of personalization experiences and product innovation at Netflix, Christine Doig-Cardet, announced that, always with the aim of “placing an end to the fatigue of choice “, this year other features will arrive, in the context of a wider effort aimed at providing” those mechanisms to give back more control to the user to help customize their experience according to their personal taste “.


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