Netflix: live streaming with televoting is in development, new trailers and interface are coming

New trailers released, and distribution of a new interface started, Netflix, according to some rumors, would be dedicated to developing a project based on live streaming and televoting.
Netflix: live streaming with televoting is in development, new trailers and interface are coming

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Netflix, a few weeks ago, revealed that it had suffered the first decline in users in its history and, in consideration of the fact that in the future the thing is destined to worsen, it ran for cover, announcing several cuts to less convincing productions, a greater commitment to gaming, and suggesting the acceleration of the times for the arrival of advertising and for the end of password sharing. The Californian platform, also committed to anticipating the trailers of some of its new productions and releasing a new interface, may not have stopped there.

According to Deadline, Netflix is ​​considering using live streaming for stand-up comedy shows (Netflix is ​​a joke style, a live comedy of 300 shows staged around Los Angeles, featuring personalities such as Dave Chappelle, Pete Davidson and Larry David. but – in the case of the new project – live) and without a script, such as talent contests, theater performances or dance competitions (e.g. Dance 100 by The Circle – Studio Lambert production studio): the streaming would actually take place in deferred a few seconds on the live realization, in order to intervene in the moderation of the contents and behaviors that should prove to be improper, and could also include a remote voting mechanism.

At the moment, no details have emerged that allow us to anticipate the debut of the novelty, on which rival Apple has already launched, with the Academy Awards in February, and with the transmission by the end of the year of the new edition of Dancing with the Stars (Danzando with the Stars), and it is not even clear if the new function can also be used to deal with live sports, perhaps as a next step in sports content that has already been successful (eg. behind the scenes episodes in 4 seasons ” F1 Drive to Survive “), always in the wake of Apple which, after having dealt with American football, with TV + could also focus on the NFL. What is given as certain, however, is that within the platform a small group is dedicating itself to the development of the new product, still in its embryonic stages.

Meanwhile, Netflix has released two new trailers, more full-bodied than the December one, of the Resident Evil series, based on the well-known horror videogame of the same name: in the first you can see the character Albert Wesker at the Umbrella Corporation, while in the second one refers to the fact that the development of humanity, with few people left normal and other humans and animals turned into monsters, may have something to do not with the T-Virus, but with the antidepressant drug Joy.

Finally, it seems to be already in distribution, via remote server activation. a new interface for the web and smart TV version of the platform, including a carousel bar relating to the suggested contents, by intervening on the thumbnails of which one could be reproduced. In the browser version the carousel in question is horizontal and lower, while in the one for smart TV it is vertical and to the right.


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