Netflix: Microsoft will take care of its subscription with advertising

The development of the subscription plan with Netflix advertising continues in forced stages, albeit in the early stages, which, in the past few hours, has made it known that it has found Microsoft, also for the protection of user data, the partner for this. project.
Netflix: Microsoft will take care of its subscription with advertising

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For some time now there has been talk of the possibility, also officially confirmed at the last Cannes Lions Festival, that Netflix will introduce more accessible subscriptions with advertising, so as to be able to entice those users who are also very attentive to their wallets. In the past few hours, the project in question has undergone an accelerated surprise, with the choice, by the well-known streaming, of the technological and commercial partner for its plans with advertising.

For a long time there had been talks with Google, also well-known for its advertising platform with metrics in tow, and Comcast: in the end, however, the choice fell on Microsoft (which, it seems, is considering introducing advertisements even – on Xbox – in free-to-play games) for various reasons, exposed by Netflix chief operating officer Greg Peters.

First of all, Microsoft offered, both in the technological and in the sales fields, “the flexibility to innovate over time” (under the banner of a long-term agreement), with a secure protection of user data (the relationship between ads and users often results in the profiling of the latter). Furthermore, Redmond is not in direct competition in the streaming sector and, with its cloud based security solutions, it could also provide a contribution in addressing the thorny problem of sharing passwords.

The agreement was also confirmed and commented on by Microsoft. A tweet from CEO Satya Nadella made it possible to catch a hint of the cheapness of Netflix’s future ad-based subscription, when it was argued that “more people can access the content they love wherever they are”. A post on the official Microsoft blog, signed by the president for web experiences, Mikhail Parakhin, instead made it possible to discover the exclusive nature of the agreement, which in fact totally cuts off Google.

Specifically, the Microsoft statement clearly explained that “all advertisements published on Netflix will be available exclusively through Microsoft’s platform”.


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