Netflix, ready to increase the prices of subscription plans

It seems that at the moment there is no way out of the situation regarding the actors’ strike. Negotiations are still ongoing and it is unclear when the two sides will reach an agreement, but in the meantime it appears that Netflix is already ready to increase its earnings once everything is back in order.

The streaming giant is in fact currently discussing increase prices of its subscription plans within different markets globally. According to some sources, in fact, that is the idea.

Anonymous voices therefore speak of the platform’s desire to launch a new increase in its service, the one concerning plans without advertising, but only after the actors’ strike has ended. The first to notice this innovation will most likely be the users who reside in Canada and in United States.

However, the period in which this change will be implemented is not known, just as the price that Netflix intends to set is not known.

Netflix will increase the price of its subscriptions again

After past experiences, users take the next Netflix subscription price increase as a given. At the moment this is the rumor going around, but when the company was consulted, no comment was received: the company in fact refused to give explanations on the matter.

Another blow will therefore come for all lovers of the famous streaming service, who will find themselves having to pay something extra. After the squeeze on sharing of passwords, therefore, the giant wants to further remodel the service, but without touching the subscription which includes advertising.

The last time Netflix raised its prices was during the first half of last year 2022. On the other hand, the strategy used by the famous streaming service has always paid off: its earnings have grown dramatically after preventing the sharing of passwords outside the family unit. Probably this time too, a decision that is painful for others will become a source of benefit for the brand.


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