Netflix: Roku hypothesis, new animated content and video games on the way

Involved in rumors about the acquisition of Roku, Netflix has however ventured into official announcements, relating to new animated content produced in Europe and new video games, offered for free, without in-app purchases or advertising.
Netflix: Roku hypothesis, new animated content and video games on the way

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Netflix, the online streaming giant, back from a difficult period, could – according to some rumors – recover by acquiring an important player in the sector. Meanwhile, Reed Hastings’ platform has ventured into new announcements relating to animated content and video games.

In the past few hours, thanks to a Business Insider report, the rumor has circulated that Netflix could buy Roku: specifically, the rumor would have arisen from the fact that the executives of the second would have closed trading on the stock exchange to allow employees to sell the their actions. This is to avoid insider trading phenomena in the course of any discussions between the parties. The hypothesis, confirmed by a Roku executive who pointed out that the two realities are aligned for business, current valuation and culture, has its own reason: Roku has an advertising-supported content channel (Roku Channel) that would allow Netflix to investigate the issue in view of its low cost ads based subscription. Furthermore, Roku, very widespread in North America, has a certain expertise in the creation of hardware used for the reproduction of content, a business that would therefore not completely overlap with that of Netflix, and of content with which to recover lost subscribers.

While waiting for official confirmations on the matter to emerge, there was no lack of more concrete news. Next week, precisely from June 13th, Netflix will present in Annecy France, on the occasion of the International Animation Film Festival, several series and animated films produced in Europe: specifically, among the series there will be the production Bad Dinosaurs (USA -Spain), which will see a family of Mesozoic tyrannosaurs facing daily difficulties surrounded by incompetent dinosaurs. Wereworl (UK) will see Drew Ferran discover that he is a werewolf, heir to the throne of the Warelords, which he can reclaim after overthrowing the tyranny of the Lionlords. Inspired by the graphic novels of Emile Bravo, The Seven Bears (France) will see 7 bears upset some fairy tales given a little too obvious by tradition. Mermaid Magic (Italy) will revolve around the mermaid princess Merlinda, who will abandon the abyss to seek on land a source of magic with which to beat the forces of evil that threaten the world, above and below sea level.

Among the films, there will be a production by Steve Box (France) awaiting naming, centered on a band of stray cats led by Tibbles who, wanting to carry out the coup of their life, will pretend to be normal domestic kittens. That Christmas and Scrooge: A Christmas Carol (both UK) will deal with the theme of Christmas (in the first case between crowds of turkeys, a big mistake by Santa Claus and stories about family, loneliness and love, in the second – in musical sauce – with Scrooge who will have to face the past to open up to a better future). Ember (Spain) is also set in the primitive era, with Dikika who, to save his tribe, will have to steal a precious spark from a distant volcano.

As is known, by the end of the year, Netflix expects to reach 50 mobile games offered for free, without advertising or in-app purchases. Well, on the occasion of Geeked Week, the platform announced the arrival of new video games, inspired by its successful content: the Paper House will expect the player to rob a casino in Monaco, violate locks and safes, to help an old friend. of the Professor. Desta: The Memories Between, conceived by the creators of Munument Valley, set in the world of dreams and memories, will be a turn-based strategy game, while Poinpy, distributed by Devolver Digital and created by the creator of Downwelle, will be vertical scrolling with a climber who will have to escape a blue monster. Shadow and Bone will be an RPG inspired by the Darkness and Bones series, with Reigns: Three Kingdoms which will be, instead, a card game, set in the era of the Three Kingdoms, thanks to which the fate of China will be decided.

The chess queen, which also includes puzzles, will allow you to take lessons and play chess against the protagonists of the series or online players. There will also be Lucky Luna, the result of the inspiration of the creator of Skate City Snowman and Alto’s Adventure, Spiritfarer (released in 2020 for consoles and PC / Mac, an intimate reflection on death inspired by the watercolors of the painter Hiroshi Yoshida), and Raji: An Ancient Epic.


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