Netflix: testing a new, more dynamic UI for the TV app

Netflix: testing a new, more dynamic UI for the TV app

The clients of Netflix per TV (so smart TVs, consoles, Fire TV Stick and similar devices) could soon show a new Home interface. The streaming giant is in fact testing one among a small number of users redesign of its application characterized by larger, more dynamic tiles which are “activated” when you pass over them with the remote control.

Netflix for TV: more dynamism and simplified menu

The change is clear. Today the Netflix TV app features “blocks” for individual content that show the trailer (when available), and other information such as the cast and duration of the film/episode. The new design shows the most important details, but it does so in a – one might say – way more engaging and centralizing. A bit like what happens on Amazon Prime Video, for example.

Why this renovation? “We want subscribers to be able to more easily understand whether a stock is suitable for gold“, explains Pat Flemming, Senior Director of Product at Netflix, to colleagues at The Verge.

Netflix for TV - New UI - Test

The update also involves moving the menu up to the centre, which today instead finds space on the left. This new version is simplified and only has four entries (Home, Shows, Movies, My Netflix) and the search option. To simplify the user experience, simply press the “Back” button on the remote control to return directly to the menu.

«Think of it as a first effort, our best initial swing, towards what we think is a great new television experience», added Flemming.

As already mentioned, the test of the new Netflix UI for TV is currently aimed at a small number of users. In case of positive feedback, the update will also be extended to users. «If all goes well, and we really hope so, then we would like to share the new UI with the majority of subscribers in the coming months and quarters».

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