Netflix: the Tudum fan event and the Spy Kids reboot are coming

While rumors about the financing of the reboot of the iconic Spy Kids series multiply, Netflix has officially announced the broadcast of the virtual fan event Tudum for September, with previews, behind the scenes, interviews on new films and TV series.
Netflix: the Tudum fan event and the Spy Kids reboot are coming

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The streaming giant, Netflix, has recently announced the arrival of space audio on a wide range of content, including Red Notice, Stranger Things season 4, The Resident Evil, The Witcher, Jennifer Lopez Halftime, The Adam Project , and Locke & Key. The relaunch of the big N, which intends to use Microsoft for its low cost offer with advertising, did not stop there, however, with the announcement of an important event and the unofficial confirmation of an expected content.

Last year, Netflix held the virtual event Tudum which, dedicated to fans of its community, obtained 25.7 million views in 184 countries, also substantiating itself in previews of over 70 series and films of its future programming, just think of the previews on the Bridgerton’s 2nd season, revelations about the Enola Holmes series, and interviews with stars like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds.

This year, despite the downsizing (due to the cost containment undertaken by the platform) to the team that takes care of the organization, the virtual event Tudum will be held again, on September 24th, through a series of collateral events that will be held in various parts of the world, starting from Korea, to then touch India with some previews (eg Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives and Delhi Crime), without forgetting the previews of series and films coming out in Europe and the USA, and the mention of the news coming from Latin America.

The virtual Tudum event, which can be followed for free on the YouTube channels of the platform, will end on 25 September at 6.00 local time, with the presentation of some news coming from Japan, thanks to some stars who will be protagonists.

Overall, there will be interviews with the creators and stars of the well-known streaming service, trailers, previews, behind the scenes, and previews of some of the most anticipated news from the public for the new year of programming of the Californian giant. Meanwhile, confirmation has come from the Deadline portal that the 5th chapter of the Spy Kids saga, entrusted entirely to his deus ex machina, Robert Rodriguez, will be financed by Netflix and will take on the role of a reboot in which Gina Rodriguez, Everly Carganilla will play. , Zachary Levi, and Connor Esterson.

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