Netflix will be the first to offer downloads to ad-supported plans

The big news from Netflix they are there for everyone to see, both for better and for worse. The streaming giant has done everything to facilitate its users and especially the new ones arriving, by making new opportunities available.

It’s been exactly one year since the company officially launched its new subscription plan with the advertising. In the last few hours there has been insistent talk about Netflix’s desire to introduce some new features in relation to this particular solution.

According to what has been reported, subscribers with such a plan will soon be able to carry out the download of each content. Netflix currently doesn’t allow ad-supported subscribers to download movies and TV shows, which is why it would be a great addition.

Netflix, the download arrives for you, subscriptions with advertising and more

On the company’s official blog, exactly yesterday, a post was published in which Netflix retraced the launch of the plan with advertisements. According to the company, subscribers with this plan will soon have the ability to download series and movies.

More precisely we will start towards end of this weekprobably already since Tomorrow. It will therefore be the first streaming service to offer this possibility to its subscribers to the service with advertising included.

Another aspect that will certainly please this group of audiences subscribed to Netflix will concern the amount of advertisements. In the first quarter of next year 2024, the company said it plans to introduce a new format of ads. According to this new modus operandi, if a user were to watch three consecutive episodes, the new advertising format will be activated, which will allow them to also watch the fourth episode but without advertising.

It therefore promises to be a period of profound renewal for Netflix, just as announced a few weeks ago.


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