New Adobe Express beta: free image generation with Firefly

New Adobe Express beta: free image generation with Firefly

In the past few hours one has been released new beta version Of Adobe Express.

This introduces the possibility of testing all the potential of the system first-hand AI image generation known as Firefly. According to what was stated by AdobeDuring the beta phase, this tool as well as others will be available free of charge.

This advanced tool allows, through a text prompt, to insert or remove objects from an image. Furthermore, with this service it is also possible to integrate other contents by adding musical pieces e videoall with a specific utility for programming publication of content on social networks.

All this demonstrates, if there were still any need, how much the company is banking on Adobe Express and Firefly for its future.

The Adobe Express beta allows you to test the full potential of Firefly

The new version of the app, once launched, presents the user with a carousel with the various integrated AI tools.

By selecting the generation of an image from text, you can then enter the appropriate prompt and wait for Firefly to do its job. After a few seconds, Express will provide several images to choose from, and then intervene more specifically on one of them. Once work on the content has been completed, the image will be shareable directly on social media or in any case manageable externally to the app.

The Express beta is freely available to users Android users while, for owners of iPhone, the number of testers is limited and requires prior registration on a specific waiting list. As Adobe points out, Express supports the language English, French, Korean e Brazilian Portuguesewith Europen effectively remaining excluded (at least for the moment).

At present it is not known when the beta phase will end. Once testing is complete, you will need to subscribe to maintain the new features of Adobe Express $10/month subscription.

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