New iPhone 2018 September is usually the month in which the new iPhone comes to light so that it can be sold concurrently with the approach of the Christmas season (always very profitable for Apple’s business).
Also this year the month of September gave not one, not two but as many as 3 new iPhones, which are candidates to be the heirs of the iPhone X: iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and iPhone XR.
But what are the differences between the various models and what will the sales prices be?
In this study we will show you all there is to discover about the new iPhones, trying to highlight all the advantages but also any defects (at least those visible right away).
We will then be able to assess whether to take one of the new iPhones immediately or, as often happens for those who have recently taken a device, it is worthwhile to wait for the next launch in order to change a device that still remains valid (we are talking about the owners of iPhone 8 and iPhone X).

1) Design

With these three models Apple wanted improve the design of the predecessor iPhone X, without completely distorting it.
We can indeed talk about a restyling rather than an absolute novelty, just look at the comparison between the three models.
New iphone

It starts with the iPhone Xs (left), which has a complete and nice design in a 5.8-inch display (with the inevitable top notch, now the trademark of the new Apple), passing through the larger model the iPhone Xs Max (central), which features a 6.5-inch display (really a “padellone”) and the “cheaper” iPhone Xr (right), but with a slightly larger screen than the model Xs standard: the iPhone Xr has a 6.1-inch screen.

Another peculiarity that immediately catches the eye is the rear camera: on the more expensive models (Xs and Xs Max) it is in Dual Camera mode, while on the economic model it is single.

The body materials are also different: su iPhone Xs and Xs Max steel were used (more resistant and heavy), while on iPhone Xr is present aluminum (much lighter, now becoming the least “prized” metal among high-end devices).

iPhone XR wants to retrace the road (not fortunate at the time) of the iPhone 5c in 2013, offering a huge variety of different colors for the body: the younger ones will appreciate it.

2) Hardware

What are the hardware innovations?
Let’s start with the screens: on the top models (Xs and Xs Max) is an OLED screen high definition, one of the best realized so far for a smartphone for color and contrast; against on the Xr model only a normal LCD screen is available, therefore with decidedly smaller yield and contrast (even if still defensible compared to many low-end models).
Hardware_AppleThe iPhone XS Max it has a better battery than the other models and it is IP68 certified, so it can stay up to two hours under water without fear of breaking (which is very welcome if we use this expensive smartphone under a sudden rain).

Such as CPU we find on all models the Bionic A12 chip; always the jewel in the crown for iPhone devices, this new processor marks the transition to 7-nanometer technology for transistors and offers 40% higher performance, despite being optimized to consume less than the previous chips.

The Dual camera is 12 Megapixels per sensor (on the Xr is only one) and therefore allows you to take much more beautiful and creative photos (the Apple Camera app takes care of the rest).
On the notch, we find the 7 Megapixel front camera for taking selfies.

Another novelty concerns the amount of internal memory that can be exploited: on high-end models, we can choose also the model with 512GB (a small hard disk in practice!), while as a basic capacity we will have 64 GB.

On the iPhone Xr many hardware features are preserved (like the CPU), but some have inevitably been removed (otherwise the price could not have gone down): for example the 3D Touch is no longer present (which is instead exploitable on Xs and Xs Max) and memory cuts are 64, 128 and 256 GB.

3) Operating system

The operating system is always iOS, which will be updated to take full advantage of the features of the new hardware offered by these new iPhones.
In addition to being faster, the addition of new emojis, new memos must be reported, new filters for the camera, the new notification system, the new non-disturb mode, the Screen Time feature and FaceTime with group chats.

Other new features will surely be revealed or added with subsequent updates of the operating system (usually at least 3-4 years of updates).

4) Selling price

And we come to the part that most interests users: how much do the new iPhones cost?
Let’s see in detail all the prices of the various models.

iPhone Xs

64 GB € 1,189

256 GB € 1,359

512 GB 1,589 €

iPhone Xs Max

64 GB € 1,289

256 GB € 1,459

512 GB 1.689 €

iPhone Xr

64GB for € 889

128GB for € 949

256GB for € 1059

The new iPhone Xs and Xs Max can be ordered starting Friday, September 14 and will be placed on the market the following week, while the model iPhone Xr will have to wait until October 19, 2018, to be able to buy it.
The prices are definitely very high, to the point of being able to define a new standard for the high end of the market: at the price of a standard iMac, we can buy a brand new iPhone with 512 GB of internal memory.
For those who want to save money the cheapest model (64GB iPhone Xr) costs “only” € 889.

5) Conclusions

Those who love the products of the Apple ecosystem will surely get in line at the launch and will buy their new iPhone without any problem, despite the high price increase: fashion and appearance are bought at a weight of gold, as long as someone spends these figures without problems, prices will only increase (next step break the € 2000 wall).

For those who have an eye on the right balance between price and features offered, the 64GB iPhone Xr is clearly the most convenient and interesting, which could become a real best-buy: price in line with the competition (in fact sometimes even cheaper than many Samsung and Google Pixels just released), all the main Apple features without sacrificing practically anything.
For those who can not do without a top model Apple we recommend the model 256GB iPhone Xs, which seems to be the most balanced between selling price above € 1000.
iPhone Xs Max looks like a tablet rather than a smartphone, adapting to bigger and bigger screens could be difficult.

To remember, that with the release of the new iPhone becomes convenient to buy a used and reconditioned iPhone, of the previous model.


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