New SIM, card change and number portability with SPID or CIE: AGCOM green light

With an official note, published today, the Communications Regulatory Authority (AGCOM) has given the official “green light” for the use of tools such as SPID and CIE for the purpose of requesting a new SIMcard change and number portability (MNP).

The Authority has found that both SPID (Public Digital Identity System) that CIE (Electronic Identity Card) guarantee the acquisition and validation of all the information that allows thedigital identification of the requesting party. They are therefore tools that can be used as an effective alternative to video-photographic recording of a copy of the identity card and the tax code by individual telecommunications operators.

SPID and CIE to request a new SIM, to change the card and to switch to another operator

From now on, based on what has been established, operators can set up Web applications which allow users to request a SIM, change it (for example because it is damaged, lost or needed in another format) and switch to another operator while maintaining their telephone number (so-called procedure MNP).

As AGCOM observes, the changes to the legislation also integrate those provided for in the resolution no. 86/21/CIR which established new rules regarding number portability and SIM replacement.

The operators are called upon to update the Framework Agreement for the application of the rules regarding the mobile number portability of 9 May 2022, in order to comply with the new provisions. The agreement in question binds the mobile operators and establishes the general relations regarding the provision of the MNP service.

In reality, as we have highlighted in the past, some operators already allow you to activate SIMs with SPID: AGCOM’s decision just made public not only authorizes this practice but also opens up the possibility of use CIEalongside SPID, as a tool for officially communicating one’s identity.


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