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NFC on Android: what it is and how it works

Millions of users use it daily NFC technology, but not everyone actually knows how it works. Furthermore, not everyone is able to understand whether this technology actually exists available on their smartphone.

To find out the availability of NFC technology on Android you just need to do a couple of checks. Procedures that require a few steps and can be completed in less than a minute.

L’using NFC on Android it is equally quick and intuitive. Simply activate the feature to be able to quickly switch to contactless payments. But also to sharing information e all’integration with physical objects tramite tag.

  • 1. What is NFC technology and how does it work

    The acronym NFC means Near Field Communication, which can be translated as Near Field Communication. NFC technology allows different devices to communicate with each other wirelessly, without using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. As long as they are within a relatively short distance.

    The theoretical origins of the current NFC must be sought in studies relating toRFID radio frequency identification. The first patents in this sense date back to 80s of the last century. At the same time thetechnical system that allows this kind of wireless communications has been developed between 2004 and 2006.

    Right in the 2006 was distributed on the market on primo smartphone equipped with integrated NFC technology: the Nokia 6131. Lo standard Peer-to-Peer which would have allowed the sharing of content via NFC is however dated 2009.

    Last step of this journey i payment systems: the functionality for which NFC technology is best known today. From this point of view one of the first features PayPass of History is dated 2011 and was registered by Blackberry. Payment systems Google Pay ed Apple Pay would be presented in the following years.

    The functioning of the NFC technology involves the involvement of two different deviceswhich must be approached at a distance of approximately 4 centimeters: on the one hand theinitiatoron the other the target. The combination of initiator e target allows the creation of a Peer-to-Peer network, through which the exchange of information is made possible.

    NFC devices such as smartphone they usually are equipped with an integrated chip. Alternatively, you can also start a data exchange using external toolssuch as SD cards and micro SD cards.

  • 2. What can be done with NFC technology

    As anticipated in the previous paragraphs, NFC technology today is used above all in the field of wireless payments via smartphone. But this is only one of the possible applications of him.

    Il chip NFC installed on Android devices (and more generally on smartphones) allows you to share information of various kinds.

    Therefore an NFC Android smartphone is potentially capable of download software or multimedia content. For example, he is capable of view, receive or send photographsvideos or perhaps identification documents.

    In certain cities around the world, NFC technology is already being used to monitor e-tickets used in the context of urban mobility. Or maybe for open the car with your smartphone.

    Added to this are many other possible applications, some of which are today at a more theoretical than factual stage. For example, NFC chips could be used for create anti-counterfeiting systems. As well as they could be used for creare carte contactless to be used in the most disparate fields.

  • 3. How to use NFC technology on Android

    Before going into the merits of how to exploit the NFC technology on Android it is fair to ask if your own smartphone is actually set up for its use.

    In principle Android smartphones made in the last 10 years are basically equipped with integrated NFC chip. Even if it is dispositivi entry level from the point of view of economic value.

    That said, there are several methods for check the presence of NFC technology on Android smartphones. The first is to open the name entry Settings and look for one NFC name entry.

    In certain versions of the operating system the NFC item is also present among the quick settings. Therefore it could very well appear among the items that can be activated or deactivated after carrying out the classic scroll the screen down.

    However, the presence of an NFC chip does not exclude the possibility that the technology is temporarily deactivated. For activate NFC on Android you have to first go through the name entry Settings.

    From here the process may undergo small variations: based on the model of smartphone which you have. But also based on the update of operating system in uso.

    The advice is to search for the name entry Connectionsor, alternatively, the named entry Connected devices (and hence the entry called Connections).

    Then you need to look for an entry that allows you to access the Connection preferences and then to the name entry NFC. In certain smartphones the NFC item develops into a specific tick dedicated to activating the Contactless payments.

  • 4. How to use NFC tags on Android

    A smartphone equipped with NFC technology can be used in many ways. For example, the possibility of using theNFC to create customizable keys for Android.

    Added to this is the possibility of interact with so-called NFC tags: of the species of electronic labelswhich the user can apply to an external object.

    NFC tags allow these physical objects to become more or less smartinteracting with smartphones or other compatible devices.

    NFC tags are sold in the form of sticker o di small accessory (e.g. a key ring). They can be purchased from any technology store and are sold at quite affordable prices. The single tag can also cost you a few tens of cents. Especially if the user chooses to purchase in stock.

    To make the Android smartphone recognize the NFC tag you need to download a dedicated app. The user can then use the app associate different functions to the associated object. Fromstarting a URL at the connection to an account. From the sharing information at the connection to a Wi-Fi network.

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