After a very long wait, Nikon has finally unveiled its new mirrorless, represented by the compact camera, for vloggers and creators, Nikon Z 30, with a 20.9 megapixel sensor with APS-C format.
Nikon introduces the compact mirrorless Z 30 for vloggers

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The Japanese Nikon had lost track last October, after the launch of the Z9 camera. After several months, however, the Rising Sun brand has returned to show up with a new product, the compact mirrorless Z 30, expected for about a year, ready to offer a much higher quality than the vloggers usually use a smartphone. .

The Nikon Z 30 camera has a body with a large “cheek” on the right, for the grip, particularly useful if very heavy lenses are mounted: at the top, the manufacturer has placed the red button for easy access. recording, the stereo microphone (which should make the use of dedicated external microphones unnecessary), a small multi-function dial and the larger PSAM (Program, Aperture, Shutter, Manual) dial with 3 pre-assigned settings for videos and photos. The electronic viewfinder is missing but, on the other hand, the rear display is variable-angle and fully articulated, so as to help those engaged in vlogs, first-person documentaries and self-portraits.

In front, there is a 20.9 CMOS sensor in the APS-C format known as DX: on the photographic plane, the Nikon Z 30 produces bursts of 11 frames per second, automatically adjusting exposure and focus: in terms of video, the resolution of the same is a good parameter for autonomy. Specifically, shooting in 4K / 30p, it stops at 35 minutes, which however go up to 125 minutes, being satisfied with FullHD @ 24 / 25p. Obviously, there is no lack of the possibility of obtaining suggestive slow motion, given the support for shooting speed at 120p (in FullHD).

Among the equipment useful for shooting and photos, the Nikon Z 30 records the presence of a software-type anti-vibration stabilization system, e-VR, which eliminates shaking (“shake”) in videos, but also for example when taking pictures in low light or at night: continuous autofocus, even in videos, is useful for keeping people in focus, for example while moving away from them and, being able to keep people’s eyes anchored and animals (dogs and cats), manages to keep them in focus even if, for a moment, you have to look away from the camera.

Equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, to exchange media with the smartphone via the SnapBridge app, the Nikon Z 30 camera also has a microHDMI, a 3.5 jack to connect an external microphone, and a USB Type-C: the latter it is used for recharging (even while turning), but not only. Taking advantage of the cable in the package, it becomes possible to use the new Asian compact mirrorless also as a luxury webcam for computer livestreams.


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