Nokia 3210, the return of a great timeless classic

Great news for fans of old school phones: HMD officially confirmed the return to the market of a great classic, Nokia 3210 which for the occasion is re-proposed with a completely new look and more in step with the times.

This re-edition, in fact, will have a look very similar to its illustrious predecessor and also a good part of the functions that characterized it (including the good old Snake) but in addition to this you will also be able to access the network 4Gthus taking a dive into modernity.

A real nostalgia operation, which winks at the past but at the same time looks to modernity, despite giving up all the smart functions for obvious reasons.

How is the new Nokia 3210

The device has already made its appearance on HMD official websitefrom which you can also read the new technical data sheet.

The smartphone has a 2.4-inch IPS LCD display with a resolution of 320×240 pixels. Certainly not a modern, high definition screen, but still a clear cut from the past and it is in colour.

The processor is a Unisoc T107 with just 64 MB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory, expandable up to 32 GB via microSD. Here too, another divergence compared to the past and, despite being an extremely cheap chip, it still allows users to navigation in 4G and that’s no small thing.

In addition to this there is Bluetooth 5.0, a USB-2.0 port and the inevitable 3.5 mm jack input.

Despite being decidedly essential, there is also a place on board the Nokia 3210 rear camera and 2 MP.

The battery is 1450 mAh and is removable, in full HMD style. The estimated battery life should be around 9.5 hours of conversation.

Il operating system is the S30+also an old glory from the past: we are talking about software developed by Nokia more than 10 years ago and intended for the cheapest smartphones.

From what we know there shouldn’t be a real ecosystem of applications like the Google Play Store or of theApple Store but users should still be able to access several online services such as YouTube Shorts, News and Weather and probably some other program, like a browser.

The thing that HMD focuses on is a “digital detox”, reiterating several times the benefits of a disconnected life without notifications e without Likes. With these premises, however, it is not clear what 4G and the very few applications mentioned above can be used for.

Finally, the return of the legendary certainly deserves a moment of reflection Snakethe famous snake game that entertained entire generations in the early 2000s and which is revived in a more graphically modern version that is still faithful to the original.

How much does the Nokia 3210 cost

The new Nokia 3210 is already available on the official HMD website where it can be purchased in three colors: Y2K Gold, Scuba Blue e Grunge Black.

The suggested price is 79,99 eurocertainly contained but since it is a phone that is inspired by a model from about 20 years ago it could not be otherwise.

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