Not connected or no Internet connection: how to solve on PC

PC without internet
How many times has it happened not to be able to surf the Internet on your PC due to a generic network error or because the network icon on Windows briefly indicated “Not connected or no Internet connection”, without specifying precisely what is not working on our computer.
If you too have come across such a scenario, you have come to the right guide: here we will show you how restore the Internet connection in case of limited or absent connectivity on your PC, so we can resume work where we left it and be able to open the web page we wanted to visit before the crash or error.
The steps described are quite simple to apply, so you don’t even have to call your computer technician or trusted friend to have your computer repaired.

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How to restore the network if there is no connection

Many guides similar to this are made with passages that are difficult to apply or with procedures within the reach of only IT experts. We will follow a very different strategy: we will show you only the procedures and programs that everyone can use, even users who have recently used the computer in a stable manner, so that they can restore the PC by themselves in case of no connection.

PC connectivity check

Before trying any programs or testing the network components, make sure that the PC is really connected to the home network, by pressing on the bottom right of the world icon with a barred signal (which will appear only when there is no Internet connection), and making sure to activate the Wifi connection or turn off the Flight mode (which we may have turned on or off by mistake).
No connection

If the Wi-Fi connection is active, we check that we are connected to a network for which we know the password, so that we can quickly restore the missing network connection. These steps are superfluous if we connect via Ethernet cable: in this case the Internet connection is immediately available, especially if we connect the computer directly to the modem.

Programs to restore network connection

Is the connection absent only on the PC in use, while the other devices connected to the same network navigate without problems? In this case, some programs designed to optimize the network connection and solve the most common problems can help.

One of the programs that we advise you to use immediately is TCP Optimizer.
TCP Optimizer

Once opened, simply indicate the average connection speed before the block (in the field Connection Speed), then put the check mark at the bottom of Optimal and finally on Apply changes.
The next time you restart Windows we can take advantage of the optimized TCP features, so as to open the Web pages faster and solve any technical problems otherwise difficult to find.

If the connection still does not go, we can try the automatic tool compatible with all Windows (including Windows 10) to do the TCP / IP reset and automatically restore all TCP / IP parameters that may have been unpacked or modified (by a program or by a virus), without having to launch any type of manual command (quite difficult to manage).
TCP recovery

The network recovery tool is already included in Windows 10 and is located in Settings> Network and Internet> Status; scroll down the screen on the right to find the link Network recovery.
For Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 the automatic tool can be downloaded from the Microsoft website.

Another good program to solve Internet connection problems on PC is Complete Internet Repair.
Complete Internet Repair

By launching this program and letting it act, all system connection parameters, parameters for browsers and all types of protocols that a modern operating system can use to connect to the Internet or to one of its services will be restored. After launching this tool we will surely be able to browse the Internet (always if the problem was with the connection parameters of Windows).

Connection check (Wi-Fi or Ethernet)

If at the software level the connection is OK, the problem can be on the Wi-Fi network or on the Ethernet cable used for the connection.

In this case we advise you to act from modem settings, so that we can change the transmission channel of the Wi-Fi frequencies, as seen in our guide Make WIFI faster by changing only one option.
Alternatively we try to connect the computer via Ethernet cable, to see if the connection is recovering or is still absent: if the PC is close any cable will suffice, while if the computer is in another room we will have to use a very long Ethernet cable , like the one visible here -> CSL – 10m Network Cable – Cat.6 (10 €).

Did the connection recover via Ethernet cable? In this case we will have to do something to enhance the Wi-Fi signal or use the cable connection in all rooms where it is necessary to have an Internet connection. In this regard, we advise you to read our guides on How does the wifi repeater or “Range Extender” work and which one to buy and how to get it Internet on the power outlet with the Powerline.

Problems with the modem

If not even the steps described above solved the problem, it is probably the modem that is not working properly.
Broken modem

In this case, as we advise you to turn off and on the modem or router that we use, so we can immediately see if it is a temporary problem or we will have to investigate more.
If the connection resumes, the error was temporary but could clearly indicate that our modem is not up to the devices we connect: it is better to immediately choose a new one, such as those seen in our guide Best Modem to buy (fiber, dual band, wireless AC).

If this is not the case, we will have to carry out further checks as seen in our articles How to tell if the modem router has failed is How to reset the modem.


Unfortunately it can happen to have a PC that suddenly does not connect to the Internet on the most beautiful, when maybe we wanted to use it to work or to study: we do not get discouraged and we carefully follow all the steps described in this complete guide, so you can understand immediately where is the connection problem and solve it in a few clicks.

If the malfunction is due to a virus infection, we recommend that you also follow the suggestions proposed in our guides Clean up the malware infected PC by removing all traces and how Reset Computer with virus.
If instead we are looking for a way to restore the functioning of Windows without losing all personal data, we invite you to read our article on how Get your computer running like new without reinstalling Windows.


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