Faulty charger While we were using the notebook for work or study we realized the low battery charge and, recovering the original charger to charge the battery, we had another bitter surprise: the charger no longer charges our laptop, which now seriously risks running out of electricity.
Unfortunately, the notebook charger is also composed of circuits and wires and, like everything technological, it can be subject to wear and malfunctions, especially if we have been using the same charger for several years.
But we must not despair: we can still solve the problem using one of the tips below, so that we can overcome the problem of notebook charger not working and go back to using the laptop by connecting it to the electrical socket at home.

How to reset failed notebook charger

While we can try some quick tricks on the old charger, in most cases we will have to replace it with one compatible with our laptop, so that we can continue working without problems. In the following chapters we will show you all the checks to be carried out before throwing away the old power supply and a guide to buying new chargers for all types of notebooks on the market.

Check if the old charger is damaged

If our charger no longer charges we try to unplug it and carefully check every part of the cable and transformer: if we see exposed wires, cracked plastic or any other sign of damage, the charger is to be thrown away.
Damage loader

If the charger seems to us intact but when we connect it to the notebook we hear noises such as electric crackles or a continuous and annoying hum come from the transformer, the damage is internal and difficult to repair without experience in the electrotechnical sector: also in this case there is nothing we can do but throw it away and use a new one.

Change electrical outlet and avoid power strips and triplets

If there is no external damage and no strange sound, perhaps it is sufficient to change the electrical socket: we try to connect the charger plug without any adapter, power strip, extension or triplet to a new socket (different from the previous one).
Electric socket

In this way we will exclude damage to the socket or to one of the components to which we had connected the charger, recovering the full functionality of the same.

Remove the battery and try switching on

If the problem is not solved we try to remove the battery (where possible) and we try to start the laptop only with the power of the electrical socket: if there is damage to the charger, the notebook should turn itself off after a few seconds or minutes , due to lack of electricity.
Notebook battery

If the battery is not removable, let's try to keep the notebook under charge (from off) and turn it back on after 2 hours: if the battery charge is still low, the charger is damaged and to be thrown away.
Is the battery charged despite everything? Let's try to use the laptop with the charger still connected; if we notice that the battery charge decreases even with the charger connected, it must be replaced as soon as possible.

Guide to buying a new charger

After seeing what we can do to recover the old notebook charger, in this part of the guide we will show you all the chargers we can buy for a modern notebook.
The only recommendation is to always check the voltage and amperage of the old charger, therefore trying to recover a charger compatible with the old technical specifications; we can find this information on the label on the old charger or on the web, by checking the data sheet of our notebook (section Output).
Electric output

After checking this information, we can proceed with the purchase of one of the following Windows compatible notebook chargers:

  • Trust First Universal Notebook Power Supply (17 €)
  • EXTRASTAR 65W Universal Power Supply with 10 Plugs (18 €)
  • EXTRASTAR 90W Universal Power Supply with 10 Plugs (21 €)
  • SUNYDEAL Universal Notebook Charger Adapter (25 €)
  • Ewent – Universal 90 W Power Supply Charger (€ 26)

All models have interchangeable plugs, so they can easily adapt to any notebook, and a voltage selector, so you can change this important parameter without causing damage to the notebook.

If the non-working charger is from a MacBook, we will need to use chargers compatible with Apple products, such as those listed below:

  • Rocketek 60W MagSafe 2 Magnetic Power Supply (23 €)
  • BONONE 60W MagSafe 1 Magnetic Power Supply (29 €)
  • Tister charger for Macbook Pro 85W charger (29 €)
  • BONONE 87W power supply Type C charger for new MacBook Pro (36 €)

In this case we will have to pay attention to the type of charger supported by our MacBook, since Apple has produced different types of attack over the last 10 years (MagSafe 1 and 2, specific charger and Type-C charger).


After purchasing a new charger, we adjust the voltage where necessary and connect it to our laptop: if the service lights are activated we have just solved a problem that could significantly reduce our productivity when we are away from home or when we need to charge the notebook battery later an intense work session.

Are we looking for tips to significantly increase the battery life on our notebooks? We recommend that you read our guides on how Extend the battery life of the laptop and how Use smart battery saver in Windows 10 on laptop.
If, on the other hand, we fear that the problem concerns the notebook battery, we can immediately carry out some checks by reading the suggestions proposed in the article Check your laptop's battery status and life estimate.


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