Nothing Chats: the app that brings iMessage to Android is a privacy threat, immediately removed from the Play Store

With the aim of extending iMessage support to Android devices (or rather, to its latest generation smartphone, the Phone 2), Nothing has announced the arrival of the new application Nothing Chats. This is based on Sunbird, a platform that aims to break down barriers three messaging apps. A few days after the presentation, however, some significant critical issues emerged.

The app in fact at the moment does not support end-to-end encryption as in reality it was promised and allows easy access to the contents exchanged by users in conversations. Security is therefore not guaranteed, and it is a significant problem given that users are also asked to enter the credentials of their ID Apple.

Nothing Chats is unsafe: the app has been removed from the Play Store

On the Sunbird website we read that «servers do not store user data promoting a safe, secure and private messaging environment” is that “With end-to-end encryption between Android and iMessage, Sunbird is the first app of its kind to bring a secure, unified messaging experience to Android users». Taking a look at the Nothing Chats landing page instead, we read that the app «is based on the Sunbird platform and that all messages are protected by end-to-end encryption».

Nothing However, what is said by the two companies is true: there is no sign of end-to-end encryption and it is easy to access users’ personal information. Your Xthe user wukko points out that Nothing Chats sends all media attachments to Sentry with link visibili in plain text. Additionally, all data is sent and stored via Firebase and they are not encrypted.

These discoveries were also confirmed, after the necessary checks, by the editorial staff of 9to5Google.

The situation appeared immediately problematic and above all dangerous. For this reason, Nothing has announced that it has withdrawn its application from the Play Store. The app will be available again at a later date, with the two companies taking all the time necessary to resolve the bugs that have emerged.

«We have removed the beta version of Nothing Chats from the Play Store and will delay its launch until further notice to work with Sunbird to fix several bugs», said a spokesperson.


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