Now everything is clear: no Windows 12, Windows 11 24H2 after Moment 5

Now everything is clear: no Windows 12, Windows 11 24H2 after Moment 5

Putting an end to the welter of continuous rumors and assumptions that have been chasing each other for weeks now, Microsoft has clarified what the near future of Windows is. In a post signed by Amanda Langowski and Brandon LeBlanc, “the duo” clarified that the Redmond company does not intend to change the choices of recent years. Also in 2024, therefore, there will be a single substantial update package for the most recent operating system: it is Windows 11 24H2. That will be the one feature update this year, the update that will introduce the most substantial architectural innovations in Windows 11. Probably, many innovations focused on support for theartificial intelligence.

Program participants Windows Insiderpressing Windows+Rthen typing winver, you will already see the reference to 24H2 appear in the Windows information window. There novelty it affects anyone who installs potentially unstable versions of Windows 11, distributed through the channel Canary (build 26xxx).

No Windows 12: room for Moment 5 in the spring with Windows 11 24H2 arriving in the autumn

The clarifications of Microsoft managers sweep away the rumors that described the Redmond company, at least a few months ago, as intending to release Windows 12 already around the middle of this year.

Instead, the next version of Windows it will simply be a more low-profile update. This is a named package Moment 5 which could be ready for distribution to the widest audience of Windows 11 users as early as February 27th.

The date would not have been chosen by chance: the Moment 5 update would introduce, first of all, the changes expected by Microsoft to align with the requirements contained in the DMA (Digital Markets Act) European. Already a free utility like MSEdgeRedirect already takes advantage of the function implemented by Microsoft to allow the uninstalling Edge browser but Moment 5 would deliver the new feature to all European users. As well as the ability to open system links and those integrated into the Redmond company’s applications with browsers other than Edge.

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