NVIDIA Announces DLSS 3.5: Upscaling Enhancements This Fall

NVIDIA DLSS (deep learning super-sampling) technology is now a certainty for gamers, as it allows you to optimize system performance when rendering even complex scenes and ensures a smooth gaming experience by choosing from multiple options such as Performance and Quality. Following the debut of the first iteration in March 2020 we noted the arrival of DLSS 2.3 in November 2021, DLSS 3 in October 2022 and DLSS 3.1 in early 2023to be exact in January.

Now though NVIDIA has prepared DLSS 3.5, to be released this fall to improve raytracing and deliver a visibly improved viewing experience. Here are the main news of the upcoming update.

NVIDIA Introduces DLSS 3.5

As taken from VideoCardzDLSS 3.5 focuses on reconstruction of Ray Tracing effects via Ray Reconstruction, trained on five times the amount of data compared to DLSS3 in order to incorporate additional data into the software, recognize more RT effects and preserve the data for upscaling, avoiding a loss of color information during the denoising and subsequent upscaling.

It therefore follows that DLSS 3.5 will offer much clearer images with superior performance, all thanks to artificial intelligence. For more details, however, we will have to wait for the exact launch period. NVIDIA has confirmed that this technology will debut next fall with titles like Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, Portal with RTX e Alan Wake 2. It will also be available within the NVIDIA Omniverse, Chaos Vantage, and Rendering D5 platforms.

Source: VideoCardz


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