Nvidia brings order: the new app for PC brings together the best of Control Panel and GeForce Experience

Nvidia brings order: the new app for PC brings together the best of Control Panel and GeForce Experience

To the delight of many users who are passionate about video games, Nvidia has decided to put some order in terms of desktop software. Until recently the situation was quite confusing, with Control Panel for managing basic display settings e GeForce Experience instead for driver updates and automatic optimization of game settings to improve performance.

The Californian company, as mentioned, has decided to simplify things a bit and merge into a single application (called Nvidia, in fact) the main functions of the aforementioned Control Panel and GeForce Experience. The user interface has been completely updated and, above all, An Nvidia account is no longer required to download driver updates. Access, in fact, is optional and is designed for those users who want to redeem rewards, for example.

The new Nvidia app includes a new control center for the GPU

The most interesting section of the new application is the unified control center for the GPU. Here you can manage in-game settings and driver settings for individual titles. Alternatively, you can choose a single profile that applies to all games and applications.

As many have probably already guessed, the new software from the Santa Clara giant replaces both Control Panel and GeForce Experience, although these two apps are – for the moment, at least – still available.

Nvidia App per PC - Graphics

Nvidia has also confirmed that gradually, update after update, all Control Panel features will be integrated, including display and video settings.

It has also changedperformance overlay of GeForce Experience. The statistics, among other things, now also show the rendering latency metrics of the individual game and the overall rendering latency of the PC in use. The overlay is also customizablejust like in other apps.

Nvidia App per PC - Overlay

The new Nvidia app (currently in Beta version) can be downloaded for free from here.

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