Nvidia fourth richest company in the world: worth more than Amazon and Alphabet

Nvidia fourth richest company in the world: worth more than Amazon and Alphabet

Nvidiathe American company based in Santa Clara, is experiencing a real boom.

Yesterday, February 14, 2024, the technological giant surpassed Alphabet in terms of market capitalization, just one day after passing Amazon.

As reported by the site BloombergIn fact, the shares of the well-known chip manufacturer are worth it $1.83 trillion: an extraordinary result that places Nvidia at the top fourth place in the ranking of the richest companies in the world. It goes without saying that, in this extraordinary growth, great credit must be attributed toArtificial intelligence and the consequent demand for chips capable of managing this technology.

Right now, the company is busy building the H100 chip. This product, just to better understand Nvidia’s success, is used in almost all Large Language Model (LLM) in circulation, including the platforms of Microsoft, Meta e Amazon as well as ChatGPT.

Nvidia sets the tone and overtakes two technological giants: all thanks to AI chips

What makes Nvidia’s feat even more impressive is the fact that its competitors are certainly not sitting idle.

There are several manufacturers who are working to create their own AI chips to break what, by now, is almost a monopoly. Ironically, however, the competitors are the main buyers for the US company.

In the meantime, the next generation of processors, namely the, is already being designed in Santa Clara chip H200 with greater memory capacity and bandwidth than the current H100. On the other hand, Nvidia does not stop investing and innovating. Reinforcing this idea are the 30 billion dollars invested in a project to realize custom chips for other companies.

As the market has already shown several times, however, everything can change in a very short time and, yes Intel That AMD, they don’t give up yet. Both companies, in fact, have products in store with which they aim to rival the H200.

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