Oculus Quest 2

The most popular VR headsets need a particularly powerful PC in order to generate the three-dimensional graphics visible inside the viewer: without the right hardware in the computer it is not possible to access virtual reality games, significantly increasing the costs to access this technology. , given that the cost of the VR viewer must be added to the cost of a computer of at least € 1500, ie a particularly powerful computer to be able to handle the VR graphics.

If we don’t have all this money to spend, we can focus on stand-alone VR viewers, i.e. viewers that work alone without having to connect anything to the PC. The best model of these new and revolutionary viewers is theOculus Quest 2, on which it is possible to focus in order to immediately access virtual reality (and in the future the “metaverse” of Facebook) by spending a much lower amount than the VR viewers seen so far.

Let’s see together which are the best features of Oculus Quest 2 and where you can buy it, so as to bring virtual reality home even without the aid of a powerful PC.

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What is Oculus Quest 2

The Oculus Quest 2 is a stand-alone virtual reality viewer, that is, it has all the hardware needed to generate the graphics and does not need to be connected to the computer. In fact, all we have to do is place the viewer on the head, take the touch controllers and start the viewer.

Quest 2

This headset is powered by an internal rechargeable battery, so we can completely disconnect from the computer and use the headset even when we are in the living room or when we are in another room of the house. On paper we can also take it away from home and play in VR, without any problem.

Once turned on we will have to use a smartphone for the initial connection: a Facebook account is required for the initial setup and, once connected to the Internet (by phone or via Wi-Fi), we will have access to the Oculus Store, where we find all the VR games conceived and designed for virtual reality.

If we have a computer powerful enough for virtual reality, the Oculus Quest 2 can still be connected to the computer using the Oculus Link cable: with this connection we can transform the stand-alone VR viewer into a traditional VR viewer, reading the VR games present in the Oculus catalogs or other virtual reality compatible games.

One of the strengths of the Oculus Quest 2 is the automatic detection system of the virtual playing area, which works without having to connect cameras: when starting the game or simulation, all we have to do is draw the area (obviously free from objects or obstacles) and play inside it. If we accidentally leave the game area, the system will report it, so we can go back and avoid breaking something or getting hurt.

Oculus design

This system makes playing with the Oculus Quest 2 really addicting, without having to spend a fortune (as we will see in the next chapter dedicated to the purchase of the viewer).

Where to buy Oculus Quest 2

If we are interested in the Oculus Quest 2 it is possible to buy it on Amazon in two versions, with a different storage space:

  • Oculus Quest 2 128 GB, on sale on Amazon at 349 €.
  • Oculus Quest 2 256 GB, on sale on Amazon for € 449.

The price is in line with that of modern consoles: we can take home virtual reality completely independent of the computer for less than 500 €. If we do not find anything on Amazon we can also buy the viewer from the official Oculus website, although in this case we will not benefit from the advantages of shipping obtainable with Amazon (in particular with Amazon prime).

Also from the official Oculus website it is possible to buy numerous accessories, to make the gaming experience truly exciting: Elite strap for Quest 2, Elite strap for Quest 2 with battery, Oculus Link cable, carrying case, prescription lenses and spare parts for the parts most subject to wear.


If we can handle virtual reality without throwing up and without a loud headache (which should not be underestimated), the best device to play VR games with is without a doubt the Oculus Quest 2, which works without having to own a powerful computer at home, presenting that ease of use that can make the difference compared to other virtual reality systems.

And if we have a powerful computer we can always buy this device and use an Oculus Link cable to play like any other VR device, taking advantage of the games available on Steam or on the Oculus desktop app.

If we want to try virtual reality by spending very little we can always use the VR headsets working with the smartphone, where we can start the VR app dedicated to viewers.


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