Official Telegram Premium: here are the functions offered and the asking price

By June, as promised, the optional Telegram Premium subscription became official which, for less than 6 euros a month, offers a wide range of exclusive opportunities. With the 8.8 release Telegram then added the usual avalanche of news for everyone.
Official Telegram Premium: here are the functions offered and the asking price

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After a long series of rumors about it, even very accurate, Telegram, the instant messaging created by Pavel Durov, has finally launched the Telegram Premium subscription globally, through a post on its official website.

Celebrating the 700 million active users every month, in the name of growth based solely on word of mouth, but in any case costly in terms of necessary management resources, Telegram has announced the start of its optional Premium subscription, which should allow to keep the free app, ensuring as always those features that users have become accustomed to over time. Specifically, it will be possible to send files (including multimedia) up to 4 GB of capacity (corresponding to 4 hours of video in FullHD), download files at the maximum possible speed (according to the quality of your network, of course), have icons of the ‘premium app to be affixed in Home (for now 3), have Reactions (for now 10 new emojis) and stickers (updated monthly, with full screen animations), a premium user badge (in the titles and chat lists, on the ‘list of members of the same) and, throughout the app, animated profile photos.

In addition, with Telegram Premium, without advertising (usually present, albeit only in very large channels), new chat management tools will arrive, for example to automatically archive or silence new conversations, or to set the default chat folder to which the chat should open (eg on Unread). As a dowry, it will contain the function to obtain the textual transcription, evaluable by the users, of the audio messages, and the overcoming (sometimes doubling them) of various limits.

In this regard, subscribers will be able to create up to 20 folders with 200 chats each, follow up to 1,000 channels, save up to 10 favorite stickers, choose up to 400 favorite GIFs, set 10 chats in the main list, add more characters to the captions multimedia files, access 4 in-app accounts (one more than the free ones), reserve a maximum of 20 public links of the type, expand the biography by being able to use more characters and even a link. There will be a synergy between paying and non-paying users: free users, for example, will be able to download large files and see the premium stickers shared by paying users. THE

Telegram premium, which can be activated in-app starting from the 8.8 release of the messaging, costs around the world between 4.99 and 5.99 dollars per month. In Italy it has already arrived on iOS, where it is priced at 5.99 euros per month (presumably the same amount requested for Android, in the next few hours / days).

On the occasion of the launch of the subscription in question, and as a changelog of the 8.8 release of Telegram just released, there was no lack of the usual news offered in large quantities to (also) free users.

The editor for animated profile images arrives on macOS, while on compatible iPads and iPhones animations are smoother (120 fps). Also in favor of Applers, in the case of external sharing from another large file app, an animated progress bar will appear on Telegram for iOS: Androidians will enjoy better audio and video quality for video messages and voice notes. For chats, channels and groups, it is possible to activate and “deactivate” the automatic saving in the Android Gallery at your discretion.

In the chats there will be verification badges thanks to which to understand that a message comes from a verified source, while for public groups access requests arrive. There is no shortage of improvements for chats, from purely aesthetic ones, such as the new buttons to fix, delete, change, mark a conversation as read, to substantial ones, such as being able to scroll the preview of an entire chat without the same is marked as “read”. Finally, bots also improve: specifically, those included in the paperclip menu extend their field of action from individual chats to groups and channels, while in the section “What this bot can do”, programmers can also include videos and photo.


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