On Android 15, Google Gemini will play a central role. New features coming soon

During the keynote of Google I/O the technology giant, without too many surprises, put it artificial intelligence in the foreground and Google Gemini will become even more central to the functionality of Android 15.

News that isn’t too surprising, but seeing the ideas put on the table by Big G it’s clear that we should expect great things from the next operating system, with the arrival of many interesting features which, without the aid of an AI like Gemini, they wouldn’t be possible in the slightest. Let’s find out more.

Android 15, the new functions of Gemini

During the event the Mountain View giant showed most of the functions (still in the testing phase) that we will see on board Android 15.

The first and most interesting news is that users will be able to draw Gemini’s attention at any time, even when using the various applications, drawing on the potential of AI to access new features.

Via the function Ask This Video users will be able to search for information within the videos (even without watching them) simply by sending them to the AI ​​which will do the bulk of the work.

Same goes for Ask This PDF which, obviously, will work with PDFs but will be exclusive to users with Gemini Advanced.

Apart from this, Gemini will also be implemented within the services of Google Workspacecome Gmail for example, and will be able to summarize the emails that are part of “email chains” with many messages and will even be able to answer in automatic at conversationsanalyzing emails to give more coherent answers.

Even using the smartphone camera it will be possible to query the AI ​​and access its services. With Google Astra, in fact, it will be enough frame something with your smartphone camera and receive information to about. The function can be used with anything, including lines of code.

In the video presenting this feature, gods also made their appearance Google Glasswith the technology giant planning to “resurrect” this project and enhance it with AI.

Still on the subject of the camera Google I Spy will be able to use generative artificial intelligence to create video 1080p, very detailed and “built” based on user requests; Image 3however, can be used to generate images starting from text.

Then of course, the AI ​​will come in straight away all the features of the smartphonefrom the various applications up to web searchbringing a suite of tools into the hands of users that can significantly expand the potential of Android.

Among these, the now well-known Circle to Searchwhich will come to more devices running Google’s operating system.

Finally, via Gemini Nano the smartphone will be able to provide real-time notifications on callsidentifying any scams e spam. This feature is still under development and should represent the natural evolution of Call Screen the exclusivity of telephones Pixel to be used to answer calls and transcribe the content of the conversation.

It is important to remember that the latter option will work on-deviceso it cannot be ruled out that it will remain exclusive to Pixel 8 (and subsequent models).

When Android 15 arrives

The arrival of Android 15 is fixed at October 2024 with the next ones Google Pixel 9 who will receive a preview of the new operating system which, subsequently, will also arrive on the previous devices of the Mountain View giant.

For smartphones from other brands, as usual, we will have to wait a little longer, but generally within a few months all compatible phones will be able to start using Big G’s next software and, with a good chance, many of the AI ​​features mentioned above.

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