On Disney+ the AI ​​for contextual advertising during viewing: here is Magic Words

On Disney+ the AI ​​for contextual advertising during viewing: here is Magic Words

L’artificial intelligence he improves day by day and his employment opportunities also increase. An entertainment giant of the caliber of The Walt Disney Companyfor example, decided to exploit it for improve the targeting of advertisements on its streaming platform Disney+. But in what sense?

The new AI-based tool is called Magic Words and allows advertisers to improve their advertising campaigns on the aforementioned streaming service (but also on Hulu, where available) through various targeting methodologies.

According to what the company has declared in these hours, artificial intelligence will be able to analyze what the user is looking at at that moment so that we can propose advertisements in line with, for example, a him and what should be it mood of the consumer at that precise moment.

Contextual ads come to Disney+ thanks to AI

Magic Words is currently in the testing phase and among the communication companies participating in this “beta” there is also Omnicom Media Group. The first impressions are absolutely positive, because – as explained by the CEO Geoffrey Calabrese – in this way advertisers can connect with consumers on an emotional level.

The House of Mickey Mouse has decided to invest in artificial intelligence for commercials on Disney+ because the cheapest plan (the one that involves the ads, in fact) is that of most successful among users: as reported by Reutersthe half of consumers who sign up to the streaming platform opt for the least expensive subscription (€5.99 in Europe).

During the last call with investors, the CEO of The Walt Disney Company Bob Iger – in addition to the announcement of a substantial investment in Epic Games and new measures to block password sharing – it revealed that the standard plan with advertising attracted more than 1,000 advertisers in the first quarter. Important and, perhaps, unexpected numbers.

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