OneDrive, unable to upload files from remote URLs

OneDrive, unable to upload files from remote URLs

Microsoft announced that OneDrive it will soon lose a feature introduced a few years ago. This is a feature that allows you to upload files on the cloud from Remote URLs. Well described in this document, the tool allows you to transfer files to OneDrive from other servers, without first proceeding with a local download.

The Redmond company explains that the feature was introduced as experimental option for users who wanted to save files from the web directly to their OneDrive, without downloading them first and is only available to consumer users.

As can be easily verified in the document mentioned previously, to request the transfer of data to OneDrive from a remote server, it is sufficient to prepare an HTTP request and use the JSON format to specify the URL with the resource to download and the name to assign within your account.

OneDrive loses the tool to automatically upload files from remote URLs

The functionality for uploading data to OneDrive from remote URLs, with limited use in terms of number of users, according to Microsoft involves rather high maintenance costs. Furthermore, “it doesn’t align with our vision of OneDrive as a cloud storage service that syncs files across all your devices“, is observed from Satya Nadella’s company.

From March 29, 2024Therefore, users will no longer be able to upload files to OneDrive from remote URLs. “Operation of the feature will cease without notice at any time after March 29, 2024“. Any files previously uploaded via URL, however, will remain in OneDrive and will not be affected by this change.

Microsoft presented in January 2024 a new design interface for its OneDrive service. The choice derives from the desire to make the platform more usable. Several new filters allow you to quickly locate the files you are interested in.

The button Add new allows users to create a new document in their OneDrive account, without having to launch an external app.

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