OnePlus 12, camera shots reveal its capabilities

The last few weeks have been dedicated to some terminals that will soon see the light in the world of smartphones. One above all is certainly the next top of the range to which OnePlus is working. For several days we have been talking insistently about the new OnePlus 12a smartphone that will most likely be one of the best based on what has been said so far.

In a post published in the last few hours on Weibo, the president of OnePlus China, Li Jie Louis, shared some Photo which he took in a bar he happened to pass by. Many would say that there is nothing particularly exciting but this is not the case: the photos in question were taken with the not yet presented OnePlus 12.

This therefore allows you to have a first experience of the photographic sector of this flagship and what it is capable of doing.

OnePlus 12, the first photos taken with the next Chinese top have arrived

OnePlus 12, camera shots reveal its capabilities

The images you can see above show the shots taken with the main camera and the telephoto lens. Li Jie Louis said that during the shots, his hands were shaking: apparently it would seem quite the opposite given the quality. It seems that the shots were taken with zoom 3x e 6x.

Confirmations have recently arrived regarding the presentation by OnePlus 12 of a new photographic sensor Sony Lytia. This uses a double-layer overlay design which helps capture light, resulting in better shots.

This is the same sensor that the recently presented foldable OnePlus Open uses. However, according to rumors, OnePlus 12 will use one improved version. The partnership between OnePlus and Sony will make OnePlus 12 the first smartphone equipped with a new generation Lytia sensor.

If you too can’t wait any longer, know that you’ll have to wait a little longer: the smartphone is scheduled for January 2024.


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