OnePlus 12, no overheating: there is the cooling chamber

The latest smartphone announcements have brought a lot of material to analyze, especially for those who love this world. Despite the new OnePlus 12 is not yet available globally, someone in China has already been able to get their hands on it. As always happens now, it didn’t take long before someone took the phone apart to check all the internal parts.

In fact, a new teardown would have already shown some very important features that the Chinese flagship possesses. Apparently owners of the new OnePlus 12 will not have to worry about problems for any reason overheating. In short, a situation like the one seen with the new iPhone 15 will never arise.

In a video that appeared recently on YouTube, OnePlus’ latest flagship has been completely disassembled. Once the rear panel has been removed, here is the real surprise that filled users interested in purchasing it with pride.

OnePlus 12, a cooling system with a separate chamber

OnePlus 12 chamber vapor cooling image

What you can see once the smartphone is disassembled is clear: first of all, here is the new 50 MP Lytia 808 sensor from Sony, as well as the 64 MP periscope sensor. Apart from this, the phone’s motherboard, wireless charging pad, NFC antenna and more also catch the eye.

Once you remove these parts and get to the heart of the device, here’s the surprise: the OnePlus 12 has a huge steam cooling chamber located just below the phone screen.

It therefore seems clear that OnePlus had no intention of making the same mistake as Apple with the iPhone 15. Apparently, therefore, the great capabilities developed by this device will not affect the temperature. Whether it’s a gaming session, a long four-person video or anything else, there will be no overheating problems thanks to the introduction of this cooling chamber.


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