OnePlus 12, the first real photo appears on the web

Some real images that portray the next top of the range have suddenly leaked onto the web OnePlus 12. The photos were shared by some informants and leakers and were confirmed a few hours later: it could really be the Chinese flagship.

The images appear to come from an official joint event between OnePlus, OPPO e BOE which was held yesterday. OnePlus also published information from the event in question on its Weibo channel, confirming some specifications.

In fact, it seems that the new OnePlus 12 will have “the display 2K most advanced” made by Chinese display manufacturer BOE. Some previous rumors suggested that the flagship will be equipped with an LTPO display 6.82 inches at 120 Hz and apparently OnePlus did not take long to confirm part of this information.

OnePlus 12 appears in some real photos, display specifications confirmed

OnePlus 12, the first real photo appears on the web

Rumors lately have teased that the OnePlus 12 could have a display resolution of 3.168 x 1.440 pixel but also “brighter screen in the world” with a value significantly higher than 2,600 nits of peak brightness. This is a big step forward compared to the OnePlus 11, which currently features 1,300 nits of peak brightness.

The leaked images of the smartphone also show the selfie camera positioned in the center of the phone, but you can also see the presence of the on/off buttons and volume rocker on the right side. The back of the phone is visible in one of the two leaked images of the OnePlus 12. However, the rear camera housing has been hidden by some sort of cover.

It’s probably a little early to make any considerations, but the rumors regarding the display are increasingly insistent. They have found confirmations several times and, if this should really be the case, we will find ourselves faced with the smartphone with the best screen ever.


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