OnePlus 12 will have the brightest display, even beating the Pixel 8 Pro

The brightest thing humanity knows is certainly the Sun, capable of shining and blinding 93 million miles away. Precisely in terms of brightness, among the terrestrial elements, one of the next flagships in the smartphone world will be able to place itself in a position of clear dominance. We’re talking about the next one OnePlus 12device ready to arrive on December 5th in China.

Already over the past few days there have been many rumors regarding its specifications. In fact, the next top of the Chinese range should be one of the best when it comes to the screen. The display of the OnePlus 12 should be a product of Boemore precisely a OLED capable of showing off a maximum brightness never seen before.

Over the last few weeks, the new Google Pixel 8 Pro has undoubtedly excelled, thanks to its 2400 nits. Now, however, OnePlus is ready to do better with its next smartphone, which should go far beyond 2600 nits.

OnePlus 12, scary brightness: some specifications confirmed

The official presentation of the next top of the range from the famous Chinese company is now very close. Although several rumors have already arrived to anticipate the characteristics of the product, the company has confirmed one characteristic: the brightness.

Directly on the famous Chinese social media Weibo, the president of OnePlus China declared that the smartphone should arrive with a peak brightness equal to 4500 nits. This is a spatial value, never seen or imagined before. According to what was declared, the display it will not affect energy efficiency of the smartphone, consuming less energy than most phones on the market.

There’s not much time left to find out everything, with a record, that of the Google Pixel 8 Pro, which is about to be beaten. In reality, when all this turns out to be real, this record will almost be doubled by the OnePlus 12.


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