OnePlus Open and Oppo Find N3 are the same smartphone, confirmed

At the moment it is OnePlus That OPPO are busy working on their foldable devices which are respectively theOpen and the Find N3. OnePlus’s will be the manufacturer’s first, while in the case of the Find N3 it will be the third ever produced. According to some discretion, both smartphones could actually be the same device. Confirmation would have filtered in in the last few hours.

The confirmation would have come officially from the company’s number one, Pete Lau. In fact, it would be the same smartphone. The two brands would have worked together in order to create the next leaflet which will therefore be launched at the same time.

OnePlus and OPPO made the same smartphone, the Find N3 is the same as the Open

Rumors suggest that the smartphone will have truly exceptional technical features. In fact, we are talking about the highest pixel density of any other foldable display currently on the market. This panel should have a width of 7,82″ with a resolution of 2268 × 2440 pixels with an external display that will instead reach 6,31″ with a resolution of 2484 × 1116 pixels.

In addition to the display, the other big improvement should concern the hinge. This will be smaller than 37% compared to the one found on OPPO’s Find N2. Lau declared that the hinge itself will have 31 fewer components, which will make the smartphone much lighter and above all capable of lasting over time. A notification slider will also be implemented.

Right now these are rumors which have therefore had official confirmation, but there are still many aspects to know. There is currently no news filtering out regarding a release date, although there is talk of the next one October 19th.

At the moment it is expected that the price should significantly exceed $1000, however remaining lower than rival foldables, namely Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 and Pixel Fold, both at the top of the charts.


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