OnePlus returns to the world of smartwatches on February 26 with the Watch 2

OnePlus returns to the world of smartwatches on February 26 with the Watch 2

There is great anticipation for the future of OnePlus after the company’s proclamations that it intends to dominate in multiple areas. The launch of its latest top of the range is having great success globally but now we are thinking about February 26the date on which the new smartwatch will be officially presented OnePlus Watch 2.

The objective of the oriental giant is to win a very important recognition such as the Best Smartwatch of the year award for the high-end segment. The real selling point to reach this goal is the drumswith a durability that will be unbeatable on the market.

The presentation of this product is an important step for the brand, as it returns to the high-end smartwatch market. The design will be characterized by elegance and durability, all designed specifically for a watch that promises great reliability both for daily use and for monitoring health parameters.

These are the words from Children LiuPresident and COO of OnePlus:

After a three-year pause for reflection following the launch of Watch 1, OnePlus Watch 2 is ready to hit the market, and we’re more confident than ever about this product. This confidence is not unfounded, but is built on the foundation of substantial advances in our technology ecosystem and capabilities. The Watch 2 signals our determination to transform from “Flagship Killer” to “Ecosystem Builder”. It will provide an experience that is not just improved, but completely transformed“.

OnePlus Watch 2: crazy battery, elegance and durability

OnePlus ready to launch the Watch 2, the goal is to dominate among smartwatches

It may sound crazy, but the upcoming OnePlus Watch 2 will have amazing battery life. In fact, he will be able to push himself up to 100 hours in smart mode, thus setting a new standard within the smartwatch category.

What is also surprising is the precision with which it was designed, having been based on a stainless steel body stainless steel and on a dial with sapphire crystal. The elegance is clear, but also the resistance as it is scratch-proof and resistant to any impact.

Returning to the dial, it is round and clearly recalls the decoration on the camera of the OnePlus 12, thus offering itself as an ideal companion. There are two colors in which it will be available: Black Steel e Radiant Steel.

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