After a few months of waiting and rumors, OnePlus has finally announced the launch of its second model smartwatchwhich was presented on the market under the name of OnePlus Watch 2. The company, which planned to debut the device at the Mobile World Congress, the mobile technology fair held in Barcelona from 26 February to 29 February 2024

OnePlus, before the official releaseanticipated some details that characterize the new smartwatch and which promise to give users who purchase and use the device an extraordinary and unprecedented user experience. The smartwatch arrives approximately three years after its predecessoril OnePlus Watch 1.

Let’s find out the features of the OnePlus Watch 2what will be the strong points of this new model and what, instead, are the elements that raise some doubts in technology enthusiasts.

The features of OnePlus Watch 2

Let’s start from the aesthetic aspect. OnePlus Watch 2 will be available to the public starting from the end of February 2024 in ben due colori, Black Steel e Radiant Steel. The first is an elegant and timeless shade of black and the second is a current grey. Both versions feature a stainless steel frame and a sapphire crystal dial placed above the display.

But it is not only its undoubtedly pleasant design that attracts the attention of consumers: the technical characteristics they seem to be exceptional.

OnePlus’ new smartwatch promises to have a battery life that lasts up to 100ore with a single charge, thanks to the Full Smart Mode which will allow significant energy savings. This is a duration that is far superior to that offered by all devices offered by competitors and which will allow people to use the device for a long time without fear of it turning off.

Battery life seems to be the real strong point of the device proposed by OnePlus, but there is no shortage of other important aspects. The company has also focused on reliability and meticulous monitoring of the health status of the person wearing the smartwatch.

OnePlus, with OnePlus Watch 2 the company wants to achieve an ambitious goal

OnePlus Watch 2 will be a real flagship for OnePlus. Kinder Liu, President and Chief Operating Officer of the company, said that through the device you want get the title of best smartwatch of the year.

At the moment, no other important details about the smartwatch have been communicated, such as the price and the precise date from which it will be possible to make the purchase. Uncertainty also about the operating system which will be present on the new OnePlus Watch 2. It will probably be Google’s WearOS 4.0.

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