Online dating apps and sites: the ebook with the complete guide

  1. Tinder
  2. Lovooo
  3. Meetic
  4. Facebook Dating, Meta’s dating app
  5. Bumble
  6. Happn
  7. Grindr, dating app for the LGBTQ+ community
  8. Dating sites for over 50s
  9. Online dating, safety first

Finding great love is not always easy, which is why numerous have been developed over the years applications and sites for online dating. They are used at any time of the year, but during some periods, such as around Valentine’s Day, members increase more due to the greater desire to make new acquaintances.

Many of these platforms they were very successfulallowing members to find like-minded people with whom to spend a few evenings in pleasant company or, in the best case scenario, their entire lives.

Online dating apps and sites can, therefore, represent a useful resource, but choosing the one best suited to your needs is not easy. Each platform has specific characteristics to keep in mind. Let’s find out everything there is to know about the world of online dating.

Online dating, the most famous platform

Among the most famous dating apps is Tinder, spread all over the world and with features that make it like a real social network. There are many people who use the application every day to talk and to meet new peoplewith the hope that the meetings can turn into a lasting relationship.

Lovooo is an app launched on the web in 2011, which has as its main feature the use of the user’s location to allow him to meet people geographically close. Then there is Meetic one of the best known and most complete sites in the online dating universe which is not limited to features to facilitate meeting people online, but also organizes live eventsincluding many on Valentine’s Day and dedicated to singles.

Among the many features of Facebook, there is one dedicated to online dating: Facebook Datingwhich can be used for free. Bumble was born from one of his observations: women, even the most sociable, have more difficulty taking the initiative than a man. It is, therefore, an app where the first step is up to women.

Happn it is the app that wants to encourage meetings between users who are close to each other, who meet on the street or in clubs. It takes advantage of a geolocation that does not go beyond 250 meters, in order to guarantee contacts that can then be transformed into meetings and, at the same time, assure users security and protection of their privacy.

Much appreciated too Grindrthe dating app for LGBTQ+ community, which has features very similar to those of Tinder. Finally, there are dating sites designed specifically for over 50ssuch as eHarmony, Match, SilverSingles and more.

Online dating, safety first

Online dating encourages meeting new people and increases the possibility of finding your soul mate, always giving safety prioritya factor that cannot be overlooked.

To develop healthy relationships, it is always good to approach others with respect and education. To avoid running into hackers and malicious people, it is advisable avoid disclosing your personal informationto open suspicious links and take precautions before meetings.

By adopting behaviors to protect your data and your person, you will be able to use online dating apps in total serenitymaking new acquaintances and meeting stimulating people and with whom, potentially, start having a healthy and happy relationship.

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