Online games of skill, cunning and intelligence

Best online games of intelligence, including puzzles, brain teaser games, find word and pastimes on websites.

Intelligence gamesEven if on the market we find video games that are more and more realistic and more and more beautiful and cinematic, we can still play thoughtlessly very simple and fun games directly inside with an internet browser, the fast ones and to be played on the fly, without installing anything on the computer. Among the best ever to play we find the Puzzle Games, with which to waste some time without turning off the mind.In this article we will show you the best games of skill, cunning and intelligence online, in which we must be smart and smart to find the solution and complete the levels that will follow. To play these games we can use any modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari etc.), since they no longer require Flash Player (now extinct).

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The first site we can visit to find online games of skill and intelligence is, one of the best in its category.

By opening the site we will have a list of games of skill and cunning to choose from, such as Save the Library, Braindom, Roll the Ball, Numbered Bubbles, Ultimate Sudoku, Tubomania and many others.

Starting a game is very simple: after opening the page with the games, click on it, wait for the game to load and follow the instructions for the commands. All the games on the site are provided in HTML5, so they can be started without any plugins.

Another valid site for trying out games of wits and cunning is, where there is a great variety of puzzle games and skill games.

On this site you can find intelligence games such as IQ Game, IQ Ball, 123 Puzzle, Wood Blocks, Tetroid 2, Room X escape, Light-bot and also popular games on phone like Cut the Rope and Candy Crush Saga.

Exactly as seen for the previous site, all the games are in HTML5, so they can be started on any browser without having to install plugins.

Among the best sites we can visit to play online is, which boasts a good collection of brain games.

On this site we can find very nice games like Matrix Ball, World Trivia, Donutsaur, Color Blocks, Tower Mania, Angry Birds, Rollzies, What’s My Brand and many more.

After choosing the game to play, scroll down the page, press the button Go to the game and wait for loading in the new window. Also in this case we will have to deal with games made in HTML5, therefore playable even without Flash.

More skill games to try

In addition to the skill games sites we can also try one of the games recommended below, so as to have fun immediately without having to search first for the game we want to play.

1) Entanglement is a game where you have to turn the various tiles in order to create a path as long as possible by placing segments on a grid. You can play alone or even against friends.

2) Threes, one of the most popular puzzle games ever on smartphones, to be played online. The game is easy to play, but incredibly difficult to master. It starts with a random arrangement of numbers, to be moved with the arrow keys to combine them in order to create a 3. the 3 can only be combined with other 3 to create the 6 and so on (two 6s create the 12).

3) Little Alchemy, which translated is the little chemist: it is a game where you experiment, where you combine different elements of nature to see what happens and what other elements are formed.

4) Find In Mind is a brain training game, also in Italian, with many different challenges and many different levels to overcome.

5) Jewel Puzzle is the game with diamonds to be placed side by side with the same colors to eliminate the lines.

6) Tap My Water is the game of a little plumber who has to connect the pipes and try to get as many points as possible by creating a path of the water to the tap. The green pipes can be rotated, the yellow ones swapped, and the red pipes can never be moved.

7) Maze is the maze game, the typical puzzle where you have to find your way out of a map full of intertwined roads.

8) Who wants to Be a Millionaire online is really nice, in Italian, even with a conductor identical to Jerry Scotti who always comments on the game in Italian.

9) Mahjong World is a really excellent game, in 3D, where you have to match the same dice in a block that can be rotated.

10) Portal Go: There is a little man who has a weapon capable of creating teleportation doors that are used to pass through walls. The goal is to make the protagonist arrive from left to right towards the exit trying to understand how to use the teleportation, firing the beam on two different walls or on the ceiling.

We can find other puzzle games on the website If you prefer math puzzle games, the best site is .

In Italian, as regards the puzzles pure and crosswords, you can find free crosswords on the site to play immediately. Sudoku instead it is on WebSudoku where there are many different scoreboards for all levels of experience, from beginner to expert.

Finally, the online game is worth mentioning Wordle in italiano, published on Github, where you have to guess a 5-letter word a day, with 6 attempts available.


The ones seen above are among the best sites and games of skill, cunning and intelligence that we can try online, without having to download anything to the computer. These games can also be played in the office on web-enabled computers, but we must be careful as many of them are addictive and can devalue even the most serious workaholic in the job!

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If we have downloaded Flash games in the past we can still play them, as seen in our guide to programs to replace Flash Player.

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