Online interviews and scams: both employees and employers at risk

Scams in the context of job offers and gods interviews they are certainly nothing new. With the spreading crisis, in fact, for the cybercriminali it is easy to attract those looking for a job with fictitious offers.

Recently, however, researchers from Unit 42 Of Palo Alto have identified two campaigns that are even more worrying than usual, capable of attracting a high number of victims.

The first operation, nicknamed Contagious Interview, sees cybercriminals continually searching for, or creating from scratch, profiles on various platforms relating to similar companies and contexts. From here, some software developers are contacted offering them fake jobs.

During the interview process, complete with several steps and video interviews, victims are convinced to execute malicious files, which install malware on the device. Just them video calls they represent an enormous risk, as they give users a false sense of reassurance, which leads them to start the executable without too many worries.

The campaign, probably started towards the end of 2022, and still has an active infrastructure and therefore a potential threat to users. This operation, in addition to the infection itself, has a very clear objective: to steal access to cryptocurrency wallet present on the victims’ computers.

Contagious Interview and Wagemole: when job interviews become dangerous

The second campaign identified by Unit 42 experts is called Wagemoleand seems to predominantly affect the United States.

This takes advantage of job interviews, but working on the other side of the fence. Cybercriminals realize a likely career, with various high-level technical skills. Similarly, taking advantage of the attention of recruiterhackers try to spread different types of malware.

Some previously unpublished malicious agents also fall into this context. One of these, that is BeaverTailis based on JavaScript and it’s hidden in an npm package. Another one, that is InvisibleFerret it looks like one backdoor somewhat elementary (but no less dangerous) written in Python.

Both campaigns, both Contagious Interview and Wagemole, are characterized by extreme adaptability, being capable of targeting users without distinction Windows, macOS o Linux.


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