Everyone can now receive payments and donations immediately and free of charge thanks to some online services

Web donations For those who manage a website or an online project it can be a good idea provide a link for donations or user support.

Through these links, users can freely donate a few euros to support new ideas, new programs, new games and new services creating a unique and personalized link which leads to web page where those who have to give us money will have nothing to do other than click to confirm after choosing how to pay.

In the following guide we will show you how to receive donations via websiteintegrating the link or page into the site interface, on social channels or on the pages we manage to freely receive donations from willing users.

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Services for receiving online donations

1) PayPal.Me it is probably the best service for immediately adding a personalized link to receive money and donations, integrating it into our sites or web projects. The link can be customized at first launch but it cannot be changed in the future, so you need to be sure and confirm it; after choosing the link, simply indicate whether we are managing a private account or an account for the sale of goods and confirm the creation. In the first case all money transfers are free, in the second there is a commission to be paid to PayPal. After creating the PayPal link you can share it with anyone who has to give us money, even if it is a couple of Euros.

2) Patreon it has quickly become one of the best services for receiving donations via website, especially if we are web streamers or indie game developers. The site works very similar to a donation social network: just create the community page based on the project or on our user profile and add it to Steam, social channels and the main contact channels, so as to allow users who wish to support us to make a donation to create new games or new projects.

3) Stripe is another valid tool for receive donations via website, with a payment button creation system very similar to that of an e-commerce. The integrated tools can be used without knowing any type of code, managing any type of credit or debit card in an intelligent and secure manner. After creating the button, all we have to do is add it to the site interface to manage all donations easily.

4) Venmo it is a payment platform designed to be simple to use, even by telephone. The system can handle any type of credit card and also supports cryptocurrencies. The service allows you to create a simple QR Code to insert into the site, excellent for quickly receiving donations by simply scanning the code with your phone and proceeding with the donation; in addition to the QR code, it also allows you to generate classic links for donations from PCs.

5) Kickstarter it can be a good alternative to the sites seen so far if we want to collect donations for a new project, for a new site, to create something creative and innovative or even just to develop an idea. The site takes advantage of the crowdfunding, i.e. the donation intentions of users, who can participate in our fundraising and pay the sum only if the set objective is reached. The Kickstarter link can be placed on websites and the main social platforms.

6) Indiegogo it is a valid alternative to Kickstarter, therefore working through the crowdfunding system we talked about just now. In this case the donations can be included in an organized fundraiser and, upon reaching the objective, all users will be invited to pay the promised sum in order to carry out the sponsored project.

7) CrowdFundMe is the totally Italian crowdfunding project. With it we can start raising funds for small companies, for web projects or to realize the most innovative ideas, creating links to receive donations from the most famous social networks, from WhatsApp and from our website.


There is no shortage of sites for receiving donations via website: starting from the convenient and secure PayPal.Me to Patreon (widely used on Twitch)up to the alternatives for creating elaborate donation buttons, buttons for financing projects and crowdfunding-based fundraising systems.

To learn more we can read our guides on how to send and receive money from mobile with apps and on app to collect money for collections, gifts and divide expenses.


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