How to use Gmail Offline when the PC is not connected to manage, read and write messages and emails without an internet connection

Gmail Offline Over time, Gmail has become the most used email service in the worldboth because it is able to save attachments in its free cloud space, and above all for its numerous functions.

As explained on more than one occasion, Gmail can now be used as if it were an email program installed on a PC, it can be used with any email address (not necessarily the type) and It also works offlinewithout internet connection.

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1) Activate Gmail offline

The ability of the Gmail site to function even without an internet connection allows you to read received email messages and also prepare messages to send by writing them in the email writing editor. Gmail Offline It takes advantage of Google Chrome’s ability to store files in the cache and also allows you to open attachments, which are also synchronized on the computer in use.

To immediately activate Gmail offline all we have to do is open the web browser where we check our mail, go to the page for Gmail’s Offline feature and possibly log in with the associated Google or Gmail account.

On the page, simply tick the item Enable offline mail and press on Save Changes; from now on, by opening the Gmail page without an Internet connection, we will still be able to read the emails received up to that point, given that the site will save a cached copy of all the emails locally.

2) Use the Windows Post app

If we use the Windows Post app to read mail, we can read Gmail mail even without an Internet connection: a copy of received and sent emails is available within the app even if we use the IMAP protocol, thus giving everyone the ability to always retrieve an important email even without active Internet.

To proceed, all we have to do is insert the Gmail account into the Post Office app by pressing on the side Accountby clicking on Add accountpressing on Google and entering the login credentials of the Gmail or Google account that we want to add to the client.

For further information we can read the guide above how to set up Gmail in Outlook, Thunderbird and Mail in Windows 11 and 10.

3) Use Outlook offline

Microsoft Outlook is the most used email client in the business sector and has a convenient offline mode, excellent for reading Gmail emails even when no Internet connection is available.

To add the Gmail account we open Outlook on our PC, open the menu at the top Filewe click on Add accountenter the Gmail email address, provide the password and finish the wizard for adding the new account.

After adding the account we wait for the latest messages to load; from now on, when the network connection doesn’t work, just open Outlook to read the latest messages received and the latest emails sent to our customers.

In Outlook we can read our guide on how to use with Gmail address.

4) Use Thunderbird offline

Even Thunderbird, the free open source email client, can open and read Gmail even if there is no connection, using the cache of saved messages within the client.

First let’s install it on our PC using theinstaller classico o l’installer portable (more comfortable); after installing it, press on the icon with the three lines at the top right and click on New account -> Existing emailenter the login information for the Gmail account and press Continue to finish adding the account (the procedure is automatic, with Thunderbird configuring the login parameters itself).

Now that Thunderbird is correctly configured to access our inbox we can read them even without a connection, using the copies of sent and received messages present within the client.


Other ways to read emails offline require the use of programs like MailStore Backup to back up emails to PC.

We also remind you that the offline option is also available from Google Drive and Google Calendar, simply by enabling reading on your computer from the gear icon at the top right.

Thanks to Google Drive it is also possible save attachments received in Gmail.

To learn more we can read the guides to Gmail tricks and hidden options for Google mail come on how to use Gmail as an app in Windows 11.


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