OpenAI: multi-year agreement with Wall Street Journal and beyond

OpenAI: multi-year agreement with Wall Street Journal and beyond

Yesterday, May 22, 2024, OpenAI has officially announced that it has undertaken a collaboration with News Corp.

We are talking about a media company, owner of several important communication platforms among which the Wall Street Journal. The agreement provides for the possibility for OpenAI’s AI products to draw on news sources published by websites News Corp.

According to what the startup stated, this is a historic partnership and multi-yearwhich aims to provide people with output that is based on reliable news sources.

The collaboration is to be considered as one of the largest undertaken by OpenAI in its entire history, given that News Corp, in addition to the aforementioned newspaper, also owns many other prestigious newspapers such as The New York Post, Barron’s, MarketWatch e The Daily Telegraph.

Despite this, how OpenAI will be able to tap into the news is not yet clear. Likewise, it is not known whether you will also enjoy these sources ChatGPT o meno.

OpenAI and Wall Street Journal together: a partnership with several precedents

The collaboration, however, apparently will go even further. News Corp will in fact share its journalistic experience with OpenAI, providing further support to the company’s projects. To maintain this link, companies specializing in Artificial Intelligence will pay $250 million over five years.

If after the case that he saw the New York Times bringing OpenAI to court, the worlds of AI and journalism seemed very distant, this agreement seems to have brought the parties much closer, demonstrating how coexistence is possible.

Certainly, this is not the first partnership entered into by Sam Altman’s company to “get closer” to journalism. Previously names like Financial Times, Associated Press, Axel Springer, The world e Medium Rush they have reached agreements with OpenAI.

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