OpenAI revolt: 95% of employees threaten to follow Sam Altman

The environment in OpenAIa company he created and manages ChatGPTseems to be anything but peaceful.

After the recent dismissal of Sam Altman, the atmosphere seems to be incandescent. Apparently, in fact, 738 of the 770 employees (therefore approximately 95% of the same company) would have signed a letter in which he threatened to leave the company to follow the now former CEO.

The dismissal, which occurred last Friday, kicked off a weekend that was anything but quiet for the company which has now become a symbol ofGenerative Artificial Intelligence. In this sense, to protest Altman’s removal, including from the president Greg Brockman has decided to leave OpenAI.

After a possible rapprochement between the former CEO and the company’s top management, the twist came, namely the announcement of Microsoft regarding the announcement of a collaboration with the duo Altman and Brockman also in the context of AI. Meanwhile, OpenAI has appointed as interim CEO Mira Murati.

Apparently, the employees did not sit idly by and openly sided with Altman, through a rather harsh letter to the company’s top management.

Altman’s unexpected removal was poorly digested by OpenAI employees

In the same, as already mentioned, signed by most of the staff, the reinstatement of the two managers and the dissolution of the board that manages OpenAI appears to have been requested. In this regard, among other things, he also intervened Vinod Khoslahead of a venture capital firm that supports the company, openly supporting the “rioters”.

On the other hand, it must be said that the company presents itself with a rather singular organizational chart, precisely by virtue of its original nature no-profit. The enormous success of ChatGPT, therefore, may have undermined some internal balances with the consequent departure of the CEO.

Just earlier this month, at the company’s first developer conference, Altman announced the creation of aapp store per chatbot personalized. He himself had stated that he was looking for funding for the production of a new chip to be used in the AI ​​context capable of challenging the current dominance Nvidia.

Certainly, the departure of such an influential figure represents a small earthquake for the entire sector.



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