OpenAI suddenly fires CEO Sam Altman, search for replacement

OpenAI suddenly fires CEO Sam Altman, search for replacement

OpenAI relieved of his duties as CEO, Sam Altman. Precisely during these minutes the news arrived making the dismissal official.

OpenAI’s board of directors reports that Altman was allegedly not consistently candid regarding communications with the board, hindering his ability to carry out his responsibilities.

This is what the company says on its blog with an official post. The words at the end of the post are laconic:

The board no longer has confidence in his ability to continue leading OpenAI.

Sam Altman kicked out of OpenAI, CEO appointed

He was officially appointed interim CEO, Mira Murati, Chief Technology Officer. The search for Altman’s successor for the permanent role of new CEO of OpenAI will be scrupulously conducted.

According to the most informed sources, the company’s own employees also became aware of the dismissal when it was announced publicly. This is a sudden, but above all unexpected, turning point: Altman was in fact the face of OpenAI even in the latest releases.

In fact, the last keynote held by the now former CEO of the artificial intelligence giant that gave birth to the chatbot dates back to last week ChatGPT. Meanwhile, support is arriving from Microsoftone of the main investors in OpenAI which has declared that it continues to remain committed to the company.

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