Opera GX introduces a “panic button” for switching windows

Opera GX (the special version of the Opera browser dedicated specifically for i gamer) now includes a button which can be pressed to prevent anyone from peeking while browsing the internet. Panic Button is designed for quickly turn off the sound playback from all tabs e switch to a new window with neutral content. Activating this new mode is very simple. Just press the button F12 of the keyboard. Opera allows you to choose a website to be designated as secure cardwith pre-installed options for YouTube, Twitch e Wikipedia. To restore the previous tab you will need to press F12 again.

Opera GX: the fast browser that protects gamers’ privacy

Opera GX always offers navigation fast e Discrete. It is the only browser designed for gaming, which also offers various customization optionsincluded themes, sound effects, background musicas well as limiters of CPU, RAM e bandwidth network, so you can leave more computer resources for games. Opera began shipping its GX browser in 2019. This also features a useful sidebar that allows you to quickly access Twitch, Instagram, WhatsApp and other web services. The panic button is not the only feature dedicated to protect user privacy. Last July, Opera released a similar feature, called “Fake My History”, which replaces your browsing history with a dummy version, after 14 days of failure to use the browser.

The Panic Button is part of the functionality of the latest one level five upgrade by Opera GX. Among the new features announced there are also: guest cards and improvements to accessi a Twitch. Opera GX is currently in anti-panic mode it is not active by default. To be able to use it, you must activate the “Early bird” in the Opera GX browser settings.


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