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Opera One, how the first browser with integrated generative AI works

Available for download since yesterday, on the company’s website, Opera One. The browser was underwent a complete makeover with the stated intention of inaugurating a new era of web browsing powered bygenerative artificial intelligence. Thanks to the AI integrated into the browser e based on the famous GPTOpenAI’s large language model, it is now possible for Internet users to access advanced features through a new command line and from convenient sidebar.

Why Opera One stands out from other AI browsers

Passionate about innovation in the world of browsers, he explains Joanna Czajka, Product Director of Opera, the decision to revisit the role of the browser follows the new technological wave spearheaded by artificial intelligence. However, unlike other producers, Czajka points out, they have not only added AI-based services of the browserma completely rethought the design.

Many of the AI ​​web browsing options implemented so far by companies like OpenAI and Microsoft appear to have been more than one ploy to attract the user. With Opera One instead, the 100th version of the Opera browserthe company has stepped forward to really improve theweb browsing experience fusing browser and AI.

Currently, web browsers are nothing more than boxes that allow you to browse websites. Opera wants to change that and turn them into more versatile tools that allow developers to expand what is possible on the web, and users to create a customized portal of their needs.

Aria is the generative AI that transforms Opera One

Aria is the name of the generative AI within the Opera One browser and is the result of partnership between Opera and OpenAI. Thanks to Opera Composer AI engine and to connect to Generative Pretrained Transformers on OpenAIAria offers advanced features such as the real-time text and code generation.

Also, it allows for search for information online and get answers to your questions quickly and easily. The extra quid compared to systems like ChatGPT is the possibility of get live results from the net and the fact of being available free to all users.

Interacting with Aria is quick and easy thanks to the new command line. Using the keyboard shortcut “ctrl+/” (Windows) or “cmd+/” (macOS), you can display an overlay in seconds. Aria comes with a useful feature known as “AI Prompts” which allows you to get contextual hints with a simple right-click or by highlighting the text you are looking at.

Also note that the use of Opera One AI is optional. In the sense that users can choose not to use it. To access Aria, just open the browser AI in the sidebar and sign in with your Opera account or create one for free. If for now Aria is integrated with the desktop version of Opera One, the mobile app will also be available soon.

Useful new features that aren’t just about AI

Opera One adopts what the company defines design modulareallowing the browser with generative AI to dynamically adapt to user needs and to evolve in the future. Interface and architecture completely change with the use of a compositor multithread, which offers a faster and smoother experience. This means that you can move between buttons, tabs, and other browser elements while simultaneously hiding the features you don’t need at one time and showing the hidden ones at others.

With Opera One, also comes a new way to organize related tabs intuitively and contextually. Is called “Tab Islands” and the interesting thing is that it will be possible to keep the contexts separate, to compress the tabs, to move them and save them in bookmarks. Practically, for each topic it will be possible create an island of tabsto keep everything neat and separate.

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