Opera One: the first browser with integrated AI is available for download

The latest version of the browser Opera could mark the beginning of a new era for online browsing.

Opera Onethis is the new name of the software, sees a heavy restyling that provides, among other things, the full integration of a native artificial intelligence. The use of the new IA systemknown as Ariait is possible thanks to a browser sidebar in addition to typing a special command line.

She also expressed herself in this regard Joanna Czajkaproduct director di Opera “As people keen on browser innovation, we saw fit to rethink the role of our browser in light of recent developments in the AI ​​industry. Unlike other manufacturers, Opera has not simply added artificial intelligence services to its browser. We went back to the drawing board and redesigned our flagship browser. Opera One is built around Aria, our native AI, and is the culmination of our work thus far“.

Opera One and Aria: the new concept of “online browsing”

Aria, Opera’s AI, gives you free access to a cutting-edge generative artificial intelligence service. In this regard, just think that the service is the result of the collaboration between the well-known browser and OpenAIa benchmark in the AI ​​sector.

As reported by the developers themselves, Aria connects to GPT of OpenAI offering additional features such as adding results updated in real time from the web.

As for the interaction between the user and Aria, the developers have integrated a keyboard shortcut (ie ctrl+/ o cmd+/depending on your operating system) to activate an overlay that allows the user to interact with the artificial intelligence.

Not only that: Aria can also take advantage of the function AI Prompts which Opera has been testing since the beginning of the year.

Given the positive signals from users, this feature has also been integrated into Aria and allows you to obtain contextual hints with a right mouse click or simply by highlighting text in the browser.

Not only AI: here are the other news related to Opera One

Although Aria and its extraordinary potential capture the attention of the public and insiders, the latest version of the browser we are talking about also offers other interesting solutions.

The introduction of Tab Islandsfor example, represent a new way of managing Opera tabs.

This new conception of the tabs, allows one more intuitive management of the same, with greater flexibility. In fact, you can have unprecedented freedom of maneuver when you want to move, compress or save tabs while browsing.

Tab Islands Opera One

Another noteworthy novelty is the new modular design by Opera One.

The system Modular Design, in fact, offers a new structure that focuses precisely on the aforementioned interaction with AI. Relevant modules within Opera One will automatically adapt based on context, giving the user amore comfortable and smooth browsing experience.

Il Multithreaded Compositorfinally, represents the new architecture adopted by Opera to make its interface even more functional.

This new architecture represents a unicum in the context of browser Chromium and represents a basis for future further evolutions increasingly geared towards user experience and the integration of artificial intelligence.


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