Operating systems: unstoppable growth for Linux and decline for macOS

Operating systems: unstoppable growth for Linux and decline for macOS

An analysis carried out by the company Statcounterspecializing in research and statistics, demonstrated how the operating system Linux is conquering an increasingly larger market share.

In fact, last February the penguin would have reached the 4,03% of the global market, demonstrating how the growth of this OS is slow but unstoppable.

Although we are still talking about a niche of users, Linux held the 3% of the sector a June 2023, with substantial growth recorded in recent months. The end of support for Windows 10 is approaching, in this sense, it could be a fundamental factor for this growth. Not only that: also taking into account ChromeOSeffectively an operating system derived from Linux, the overall market share would rise to 6,34%.

The data presented by Statcounter is collected through a tracking code, installed on 1.5 million websiteswith information obtained from both desktop PCs and laptops.

The challenge between operating systems and the “mysterious” decline of macOS

Statcounter’s analysis offers an overview, even over a longer period of time, of how the perception of Linux among users has changed. The share held by this OS, in fact, is characterized by slight variations, but constantly growing. Just think that in 2019only the1,58% of desktop users relied on Linux.

Windows, for its part, does not seem to suffer from particular uncertainties. Between June 2023 and February 2024in fact, the OS of Microsoft it settled around the 72,17%returning to rise after a decline in the previous months.

What is surprising, however, is the decline in macOS. In the desktop area, in fact, Apple’s operating system has dropped since 21,32% of last June 2023 to 15,42% of February. According to data collected by Statcounter, a large decline in this sense occurred between November and December 2023, although the cause is unclear.

Despite the information collected, in fact, Windows and macOS are still clearly ahead of Linux. The penguin’s positive trend, however, appears evident and, within a few years, the situation could change.

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