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For most of the normal operations, surfing the internet, writing in Word or Office, listening to music, watching movies, reading mail, or using useful or management applications and programs from work, a 5-year-old computer it is identical to today’s one which is three times more powerful and more performing. The differences are certainly noticeable but nothing can not be done the same even if with a slight difference in speed.When you look at video games instead, then you enter the field of computer application that makes the most of the power and resources of PCs. Keeping up with their evolution is impossible and at least one video card would have to be changed every year to be sure to run the latest video game with good performance. So let’s see together what programs we can do to optimize the computer for PC video games.

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How to speed up your PC for video games

Normal people, who do not have a real passion for video games but who maybe play them anyway and have no intention of always changing the PC to always be optimized to run these games, you can try increasing the graphics power using an automatic program. The computer should thus be able to run applications much faster, open the browser window and surf the net much faster, and play without seeing the PC blocked by long loading.
Before we talk about the specialized programs, it is important to know that in Windows 10 there is a function dedicated to performance optimization computer for video games. To use it, activate the game bar call Xbox Game Bar by going in Settings> Games. From now on, you can activate the Windows 10 Game Bar by pressing the keys together Windows-G.
Always in Settings> Games, you can also activate the option Game mode. With this option enabled, every time you open a video game, Windows 10 will make your computer’s performance focus on the game to achieve a more stable frame rate.

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NVIDIA and AMD dedicated programs

To be on the safe side we can rely on specific tools produced by NVIDIA and AMD, so as to immediately optimize the computer based on the game we are starting, also modifying the parameters of the dedicated video card. The two programs to download are NVIDIA GeForce Experience and AMD Radeon Software.

With both programs (available for free) we can dynamically adjust the video card settings, update the drivers needed to play, and optimize the operating system, so as to always have the right compromise between graphics quality and performance. Obviously, we have to install the right tool based on the video card in our possession.

To learn more about the settings that can be changed with the tools dedicated to the video card, we can read our article Optimal configurations for NVIDIA and AMD graphics card.

Razer Cortex

If we are looking for a free program that can optimize the computer for PC video games regardless of the video card used we can rely on Razer Cortex, available for download from the official website.
Raxer Cortex

This tool was born as an IOBit program (the famous Game Booster) and is still one of the best tools to speed up all PCs dedicated to gaming. Razer Cortex was designed to optimize a more agile and responsive PC gaming during gaming experiences: with a simple click of the mouse, it helps to set computer hardware parameters to increase performance. By activating it, we will shut down background processes, clean and empty the RAM of unnecessary programs, optimize some graphics parameters of Windows 10 and make the most of the CPU and GPU.
Game Booster will contribute not only to PC optimization for gaming, but it will also aid in the management of any application that uses and abuses CPU or processor power. Game Booster allows this sort of overclocking, with just one click and this is truly mind-blowing. For the more experienced, for each video game, it is possible to watch the FPS (Frames per second) with which the video game proceeds.
After launching Game Booster, there should be a marked increase in FPS.

Avira System Speedup

Another useful program to optimize your computer for PC video games is Avira System Speedup, available for free download from the official website.
Avira Game Booster

Among the optimization tools offered by this suite we also find Avira Game Booster, which allows in a few clicks of the mouse to optimize the operating system, to free up the RAM memory, and push the specific hardware for video games to the maximum, so you can play without worries.

To use it we open the suite, press up on Tools, select Avira Game Booster, press on Add a new game and we indicate the executable of the game to be optimized so that the necessary optimizations can start at the right time.

Wise Game Booster

Another program that we can use to speed up the gaming PC to the maximum is Wise Game Booster, very similar to Razer Cortex and available for download from the official website.

Wise Game Booster is a free program that is easy to use and ideal for optimizing Windows to play. This software tool analyzes processes and closes those that are not needed during a game in order to maximize the resources to be allocated to the game. If you finish playing, the previously closed processes are restarted. All operation takes place with just one click, without any difficulty.

Game Fire

Another great program great for optimizing your gaming computer is Game Fire, which we can download for free from the official website.
Game Fire

Like other valid acceleration tools seen so far, Game Fire offers a special Gaming mode where the system is optimized to release hardware resources exclusively to the game, reducing the consumption of RAM for unnecessary programs, deactivating the graphic effects of the operating system, and reducing the waiting time for the start of the single game.

We also talked about this program in the guide Hardware requirements and specifications for playing video games on your computer.


It is known that video games, being the maximum computer expression and being the result of the work of the best software developers in the world, require, to be fluid, that most of the applications and processes running in the background on the operating system are disabled or consume as few resources as possible. . Using the tools dedicated to gaming we will speed up the system when we play, certainly gaining a few more frames and being able to push the game’s graphics settings to the maximum.

To get even more speed from the games we suggest you read our article GPU Overclock: Guide to Boosting Your Graphics Card with Afterburner.
If, on the other hand, we have to choose a new gaming PC, we suggest you build it yourself with the pieces seen in the guide Most Powerful PC Ever – Better Hardware Parts Today.


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