Oracle Code Assist, to build applications faster with AI

Oracle Code Assist, to build applications faster with AI

A few weeks after the first Oracle CloudWorld Tour Europen, which took place at the end of March in Milan, the company launches its advanced solution to help developers create applications With the’artificial intelligence. Is called Oracle Code Assist and it is a flexible, versatile and advanced tool that takes advantage of the most powerful Large Language Model (LLM) running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to simplify the generation of working, effective, efficient and secure code.

Optimized for Java e SQLOracle Code Assist is designed to provide developers with contextual suggestions that can be adapted based on best practice and to the code already used within any company.

What Oracle Code Assist is and how it works

Artificial intelligence is literally revolutionizing software development. In recent months, we are witnessing a real “race” aimed at providing solutions for the coding “tailored” to the needs of programmers and business needs.

By making use of AI-assisted tools, developers can increase productivity obtaining “practical” suggestions for creating new code, updating the one already adopted or rewriting it from scratch, optimizing its behavior for example.

Oracle Code Assist fits into this same trend, however introducing a whole series of innovations worthy of note. First and foremost, the Oracle solution addresses every step of the development life cycle of the software (SDLC). Provides snippet code, dependency analysis, error reduction alternatives, test cases, annotations, synthesis, and documentation.

Distributed as plugin For the JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA and Microsoft Visual Studio Code development environments, Oracle Code Assist is designed to provide expert, informed feedback to each individual developer. The programmer can then create, optimize and update applications wherever they run, while also getting new ideas. Code Assist also facilitates the refactoring of code already written in most modern programming languages.

The main features of Oracle Code Assist

Developers who rely on Code Assist will have a powerful tool capable of providing context-based code suggestions and on the learned models, generating entire class files, methods and lines of code. Developers can then accept, modify or reject the portions of code proposed by the AI, while at the same time significantly speeding up the development of their applications.

The features of annotation help developers with ongoing program maintenance; those times at explainability they provide a summary in natural language of the code and its “effects”, so that we can intervene in a more aware and direct way.

The code reviews they also become faster: Code Assist allows you to initiate pull requests to merge changes into a repository after processing the changes and recommends the most relevant interventions based on performance, quality, efficiency and style guidelines. Finally, Code Assist takes care of create unit tests and functionals based on the context of the code.

The advantages of Code Assist

That is undoubtedly the main advantage of Code Assist, are the personalized suggestions returned by the Oracle solution. In fact, it integrates i programming framework of the company, the libraries used internally, the best practice and industry-specific standards to generate specific code built on the needs of the enterprise.

The generated code is also subjected to careful analysis to ensure that it does not originate from licenses unauthorized. Pre-existing code can be converted and updated, also adapting the adoption of the most recent libraries.

Code Assist can bug identification e inefficiencies providing valid assistance to developers in order to produce more rigorous and coherent code.

The suggestions shared by Code Assist are closely linked to OCI: in this way developers can maximize the usefulness and efficiency of applications that rely on the Oracle platform.

Developers will be able to use Oracle Code Assist to quickly update entire Java applications to newer versions. This ability to quickly update Java using a programming assistant significantly increases companies’ ability to improve the resiliency and performance of their applications, incorporate the latest JDK features, and strengthen their security posture“, said Arnal Dayaratna, research vice president, IDC.

Custom applications are how every organization differentiates itself globally, but building, deploying, and maintaining applications takes a lot of time and effort“, observed Aanand Krishnan, vice president product management, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure during a meeting reserved for journalists. “Organizations using Oracle Code Assist will be able to help developers increase the speed and consistency of their code to improve the long-term maintenance of their applications in a secure, rigorous and compliant manner“.

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