Original AirPods versus the fake model, the absurd differences

The plague of Apple products counterfeit represents a real problem. At the beginning of this year we saw a huge seizure in the United States involving over a thousand AirPods ed Apple Watch falsi. Apple, in this regard, has its own team that deals with addressing this problem, identifying imitations of its devices.

On the one hand, good copies may seem very convincing aesthetically but subjecting them to comparison with X-ray all the difference comes out. The most famous earphones in the world, namely the AirPods and their respective fakes, passed through this text.

Expert Jon Bruner shared what came out of the new comparison between the AirPods Pro and two pairs of counterfeit headphones directly on social media,
In the image you can see the real 2nd generation AirPods Pro on the left with two different imitations in the center and on the right: the 3 main differences revealed by the drums, circuits e quality of construction.

AirPods Pro compared with their respective copies: the difference is abysmal

Starting from the first aspect, i.e. the battery, the original AirPods show a unit a bottone designed specifically for each earphone, to adapt to its form-factor. The two counterfeit copies instead contain batteries lithium ions which are not even too sophisticated and also potentially less safe. Furthermore, they are not adapted to the shape of the headphones at all.

The X-rays also reveal the difference on the circuits, which within the authentic specimens represent a true masterpiece of engineering and miniaturization. Every millimeter has been used effectively, while fake earphones show much more carelessness. Counterfeit copies also have fewer microphones and control circuits: all this significantly compromises the sound quality.

As far as construction quality is concerned, one of the specimens does not offer it ricarica wireless while the other, although offering it, does not present the magnets able to clip the case to the charger. In some cases, to imitate the net weight of the device, simple weights that have no function are inserted inside. So are you sure you don’t want to spend a higher amount to get the quality you expect?


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