Paid X, first tests in two countries: how much will it cost?

Paid X, first tests in two countries: how much will it cost?

The chance to see soon X for a fee is not at all remote and, in fact, in some countries it is already a reality.

The platform, until a few months ago known as Twitterin New Zeland e Philippines It already requires a subscription to use. Even though the amount requested is just one dollar a yearthis step could lead to epochal changes, not only in the context of

The paid subscription becomes part of the program defined as Not A Boat which, according to the social network, was necessary for “Strengthen our already significant efforts to reduce spam, manipulation of our platform and bot activity“. Also with this in mind, new users registered in the aforementioned countries will have to verify their account with a telephone number.

Paid X in New Zealand and the Philippines: Just a way to fight bots?

The reason why the platform owned by Elon Musk chose only these two countries to launch this new policy is shrouded in a certain aura of mystery. For some, New Zealand and the Philippines are probably the two territories most susceptible to the creation and use of bot.

According to what was communicated by X, those who do not subscribe will not be completely cut off from the service “New users who opt out will only be able to perform read-only actions“. Simply put, you will still be able to view posts and watch videos.

The introduction of paid mechanisms in social networks is nothing new and could become a habit. If until now the “currency” used for these services was theaccess to user informationX’s initiative seems to go against the trend.

Could this initiative soon pave the way for similar solutions on other platforms too?

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