Paint is becoming more and more similar to Photoshop: the latest news

Paint it is an editing tool free and it is perhaps one of the most iconic software offered by Microsoft for its Windows. Over the years it has always presented itself as a solution for basic editing (adding text, cropping an image and so on), but the future of Paint seems to be going in another direction. More professionalwe could say.

Paint: support for layers and transparency arrives

In the version 11.2308.18.0 available for some users through the Canary and Dev channels, the editing software is not only enriched with support for transparencybut also introduces… i levels! This is a really useful innovation for creators and which until now was exclusive to higher level and above all paid software, such as Adobe Photoshop.

From the official press release published on Windows Insider Blog we learn that users can now add, remove and manage layers “to create even richer and more complex digital art”. For the occasion, the new “Layers” button in the ed toolbar the UI has also been changed: all the layers (with transparencies clearly visible from the previews) are at hand on the right side of the interface. Just like on Photoshop and the like.

Then, to hide, duplicate, merge and delete a layer, just right-click on the layer.

Paint - Livelli

As regards transparency, something had already emerged with the news of the tool for removing backgrounds, but now the Redmond company itself is sharing some more details: with the new version of Paint it is possible open and save images with transparency in PNG format.

Paint - Rimozione Background GIF

As anticipated, the two new features are currently being tested in beta channels. For anyone who wants to try the new Paint (as well as other new Windows features), there is the possibility of registering for the Windows Insider program.


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